M’s Texlax Touchup Update

I’ve got to salute the bravery of M to try self texlaxing. This is something I haven’t dared to do despite the countless number of video tutorials I’ve watched. I’m sure I’ll have to someday as my hair gets longer cos I’m yet to meet the hair stylist who’ll be able to wade through without doing major damage.

I’ve been searching in advance and hopefully I’ll be able to reach one.

Hair Texlax Touchup Update
I texlaxed my hair at home this morning after a 16 week stretch. I tried the half on half method that I saw Jen from Just Grow Already use in one of her youtube videos, I used the ORS relaxer kit (normal strength) The pros were; I was able to apply and smoothen my hair in 12 minutes after which I rinsed off on time, I didn’t suffer any setback or get a near heart attack caused by ignorant stylists. and best of all my hair was wonderfully texlaxed even though i did not get the typical saloon results after i flat ironed (I put the flat iron on low heat).

The cons were; I got some water on the untextlaxed hair underneath my shower cap while i was rinsing off the first half of my hair (I will ditch the half and half method and look for another texlaxing method) and the process was a bit messy (I guess it was as a result of me being very nervous about relaxing my hair myself for the first time in my life).

Attached are pictures of my hair,one is from January, while the other was taken today, I cut off about half an inch last week and I intend to dust my ends next week.

Last length check (Jan. 2014)


April Touchup length check


Ladies you can see how M has been able to retain length over time. Retention is the name of the game & once you’re consistent with your hair regimen, it’ll be much easier to achieve your length goals.

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