Why Deep Conditioning is good for your hair

While conditioning is what you do after you shampoo your hair to keep it manageable, deep conditioning is a treatment that repairs your hair from root to tip and gives it strength by providing it with much-needed nourishment to bring out that extra bounce and shine. It replenishes your hair’s lost moisture, leaving it silky and strong. Go in for a deep conditioning treatment weekly and your hair will never show its bad mood again.

In fact, deep conditioning is not just relegated to the salons – you can just as well do it at home using natural ingredients. Let us throw some light on some such treatments.

DIY Deep Conditioning

Let’s start with the simplest form of deep conditioning. All you need for this is some conditioner (suitable for your hair type) and a shower cap. On the night before you want to wash your hair, do the following. Take a generous amount of conditioner in your hand and evenly spread it throughout your hair, so that the entire head is well-coated with it. Pay special attention to the ends. Then, place the shower cap on your head and have a good night’s sleep. In the morning, all you need to do is whip off the shower cap and wash your hair with your shampoo. Your hair will feel unbelievably soft and nourished. This is because the conditioner works on your hair overnight and gets absorbed into the shafts of your hair providing it with enough nutrients to keep it supple and well-nourished.

Here’s another method for distressed and damaged hair. Start by getting some coconut oil. If you don’t like this, olive oil, Grapeseed oil or Wheat Germ oil will also work. Heat about ¼ cup of this oil till it becomes warm, but not overbearingly hot. Once it is sufficiently warm, apply it to your hair, section by section and place a hot towel over the head. Leave this on for at least half an hour (you can also leave it on overnight) and rinse in the morning. Your hair will be well conditioned.

Some Helpful Tips

If you’re using salon products on your hair, make sure you don’t leave them on for very long as they will cause your hair to become over-conditioned. Anything between 30 minutes to one hour is a reasonable amount of time, but more than that will cause your hair to become brittle and cause it to break easily.
If you’re doing the treatment at home, make sure you apply the formula evenly all over your hair. Failure to do this may cause your hair to become uneven and badly nourished, all of which may defeat the whole purpose of the treatment.
If you have oily hair and are using the oil deep conditioning treatment, be very careful that you don’t apply the oil to your scalp. Just put on the oil on your hair strands, from root to tip and rinse after 15-30 minutes (you don’t need to leave it on for very long as your hair is quite oily anyway).
If you have the facility, apply the conditioner to your hair and use a heat cap sit for 15-30 minutes. It will enable your hair to absorb the moisture faster and hasten up the process of healing.


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