I have been using peppermint essential oil for sometime now. Often times, I usually bring water to the boil before adding 3 caps of peppermint oil which I store in my spray bottle.

I use this mix on my scalp 4times weekly. This morning as I was going thru my routine, my neighbor came over to ask what I was using cos she could perceive the scent as my kitchen is adjacent to hers. So I told her it was a mix of peppermint oil & boiled water. She proceeded to inform me that she’s observed that for the past 6months, she’s not had to fumigate her house from rodents and mice cos the smell of peppermint oil affects their sensory organs.

I laughed and both of us went online to confirm if this was true and ladies, yes it is. If your house has been taken over by rodents, don’t bother about insecticides and rat catcher’s. Just bring to boil water and add 2 caps of peppermint oil. Leave to cool and pour in a spray bottle. Proceed to spray liberally around your house and you’ll be amazed at the effects.

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