My Texlax Update


1. I finally ended my 6month stretch yesterday & the star product for the day was none other than Garnier Fructis 3-minute Undo Dryness Reversal Treatment. I began by detangling my hair in four sections by using Mane N Tail Detangler liberally. Carefully detangled with my fingers before using the seamless comb.
2. I slathered Vaseline on each section starting from my scalp to my ends and also applied Chi Silk Infusion to my ends as well.
3. Drove down to the salon & luckily my male stylist was there and we carefully ran over my texlax procedure (I love him for paying attention to the way and manner I want my hair treated). He applied the relaxer to my new growth only and massaged with his fingers. No combing allowed. I set my phone’s timer to 15minutes and we were done by the 13minute mark. So I just waited for 2minutes before rinsing out the relaxer.
4. Once he was done rinsing, he applied Roux Porosity Control & left it for 5minutes and rinsed out. He proceeded to wash my hair with the neutralizing shampoo. He washed my hair 5 times and on the 5th round, he left it on for an extra 2minutes before rinsing out the suds completely.
5. No burns…no harsh tingling.. my hair was fully texlaxed. I wrapped my hair with a cotton towel and left it on for 10minutes to absorb all the wetness. Then I divided my hair into 4sections and applied Garnier 3-minute Undo. It’s got this grainy texture like a facial scrub and I concentrated on my ends & entire length. It’s thick but easy to apply & a little goes a long way. Covered my hair with a shower cap & brought out my heat cap. Set my timer to an hour and snoozed off.
6. Once time was up, I removed the shower cap and the grainy bits had completely melted. Did this product deliver? It sure did and there was none of that limp, flat feel or look you get after relaxing your hair. My hair had volume and my stylist kept giving Garnier a second look throughout asking if he could keep it to use on his clients when they come for their regular touch up. Yeah right!!#rollingmyeyeballs@u.
7. Once my hair was almost dry, I sealed with coconut oil; Giovanni Weightless Leave-in & Chi Silk Infusion. Proceeded to blow dry with medium heat. I’m yet to flat iron but intend to go back next week for a complete roller set so I can do a proper length check.

Oh by the way, my back is completely texlaxed more straight I had a lot of curls at the back that needs to be straightened out during next week’s roller set so I can know how much length I retained. Snipped off an inch during the trimming session.

2 thoughts on “My Texlax Update

  1. Wura says:

    Hi ya! I wanted to know how you prepared your relaxer for texlaxing. Did you reduce the amount of activator or u added oils/ conditioner to it?

    • Jan says:

      Hello you! I don’t reduce the amount of activator. Neither do I add oils to my relaxer. I use ORS normal strength relaxer kit cos it doesn’t process my hair bone straight. However , to prevent any form of overlapping, I divide my hair into 4sections; coat with Vaseline & Jbco from roots to tip before heading off to the salon to relax my new growth.

      I ensure the relaxer is only applied to my new growth. I also do not allow them to use those blue rat tail combs on my hair. They only massage the relaxer with their fingers. Hope you understand the process now.

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