Readers Q&A


Q: How can I use Roux Porosity Control?
A: You can either use it as part of your deep conditioning mix or use it after you’re done washing your hair. I often use it for my deep conditioning mix every week by adding 2 caps to my deep conditioner.

Q: Is it proper to deep condition weekly?
A: Your hair will thank you for deep conditioning on a weekly basis. It can seem a tad difficult for ladies who are just starting on a healthy hair journey but deep conditioning is one of the most important things you’ll need to master once you commence. It’s a lifesaver for hair that’s parched of adequate moisture which deep conditioning provides. It also helps in aiding you to retain your growth which leads to longer hair length. If you’re just starting out, you might want to deep condition once in 2 weeks but I’d advise you get in the swing of things by doing it weekly.
By the end of the first month, you’ll notice a change in your hair’s texture once you are consistent.

Q: What oils can I mix to aid hair growth?
A: Start with Jbco; Rosemary Oil & Peppermint Oil. These 3 have worked tremendously for me. However, dilution ratio is key when using essential oils as they are quite potent and cannot be applied directly to your scalp.

Well that’s it….I’ve been rocking my hair in various hair styles from big, juciy curls using satin & flexi rollers. With both, I have recorded great success and will try and upload some pics before the week runs out once I can transfer them from my phone.
Have fun!!!

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