The Protein Talk


For the past few days, I have been attending to ladies who’ve been on individual hair journey and have decided to throw in the towel. Reasons for giving up range from not seeing any improvements;length retention has not happened; experiencing hair breakage and shedding; still battling with limp, thin hair and these issues cut across both relaxed and natural divide.

In trying to determine the root cause of these problems, I usually ask for a breakdown of their wash days & products used. Time & time again these 4 products listed above have been named. Now I am not blaming the products but rather our attitude with not bothering to read product labels, conducting exhaustive research online before commencing on a hair journey. Incorporating a hair regimen and adhering to it is not for the faint hearted. The way and manner you use a particular product will determine the state of your hair in the long-term. I have been inundated with hair pictures and I am at a loss why we do this to ourselves by treating our hair as if it’s not important. Just don’t jump on the hair care bandwagon if you’re not committed to achieving healthy long hair.

At the start of your hair journey, you only need one protein deep conditioner. No where is it written that you must use these 4 products back to back. I’ve been attending to women who go all out and stock on the ORS range due to its’ availability within most supermarkets. Some months down the line, there’s no improvement but massive breakage & shedding. If that’s the situation with your hair right now, you need to pull the plugs and restrain yourself from piling more protein on your hair. Your hair does not need so much protein to thrive. Excessive use of protein causes breakage and negates all the hard work you’ve put in so far.

You might say ‘oh but this hair mayonnaise has got moisturizing properties in it’. Guess what! Don’t go down that route as all you’re asking for is double whammy breakage. If you check the ingredients carefully, you’ll observe it’s got more protein ingredients than moisturizing properties.

So how do you know when you should use a moisturizing deep conditioner vs protein deep condish? This is what I do. When my hair feels dry to the touch or when I try to finger detangle and get short broken hair on my hands, then I know it’s time for true moisture. On the other hand, when I wash my hair and conduct a strand test and my hair feels like straw, I know it’s time for a protein deep conditioning treatment. Nowadays, my regimen goes like this; one week – deep condition with moisture; second week-deep condition with protein (I use Aubrey Organics GBP). So within a month, I’d have done a moisture treatment twice & a protein treatment twice. This strikes a great balance between both for my hair.

Try and invest in moisturizing deep conditioners only (the ones that don’t contain any form of egg protein, oat protein or protein in whatever form). Products like Hairveda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioning Masque, Silk Dreams Vanilla Moisture, Silk Dreams Shea What, Kanechom Acai, and a whole lot of such moisturizers are available out there. You need to strike a balance. If you have decided to prepoo weekly with a mayonnaise treatment, follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner. Cholesterol treatments are protein conditioners. Stop piling on more protein to your hair. This includes Henna as well since most ladies new on the hair journey train are unaware that it’s a protein treatment as well.

If you’ve been on a regimen for 3-6months and your hair texture has not gotten thicker or you’re still experiencing thinning, limp, weak hair, then it’s time to change your products and regimen.

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