Messy Updo


You can do this with freshly air-dried hair or a day old hair. To achieve this look:
1. Use pea size amount of coconut oil or any other oil you might have & rub on your palms. Tilt your head downward & finger comb your hair to form a top knot.
2. Twist your hair in a circle around your fingers & use 3 bobby pins to pin it down. If you want a sleeker look you can either use Eco Styler gel or use more booby pins to achieve a sleek tight look. I prefer messy updos.
3. Voila! you’re done.
4. Before sleeping, I wrap a silk scarf around my hair & cover with a satin bonnet. This keeps the style intact throughout the week.
5. If you’re wondering if I take it down to moisture & seal…No I don’t as Hairveda Sitrinillah does a great job of keep my hair moisturized & I don’t need to keep taking my hair down.
Note: I only use bobby pins so the hair at my crown is not susceptible to breakage. Remember to apply oil to your bobby pins before using them on your hair to prevent breakage.
This is my protective style for the week.

Have a great week ahead.

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