Things To Look out for when selecting a Satin Bonnet


When you commence your hair journey, a vital accessory you’ll require is a satin bonnet. It’s important to consider the design before purchasing one especially if you’ve got thinning edges. From the pictures above, I have depicted two different types of satin bonnets. The one on the right has some form of elastic thread or cotton edge running through it and if you wear it constantly, over time, your edges will thin out cos the elastic or cotton edge snags and apply undue weight on your edges. That’s why you’ll notice some deep ridges each morning you take it off.

The one on the left however has no elastic thread running through it (it’s got satin edges instead) and it’s completely safe for your edges cos it does not apply undue pressure on your edges. This enables your edges to grow out beautifully. I’ve been using this particular bonnet since I commenced my hair journey and pictures don’t lie.
My edges are intact and have grown longer.


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