Wash Day Diary

1. Brewed 2 tea bags overnight (specifically green tea).
2. Divided my hair into 3 sections and coated with coconut oil. Covered my hair with a shower cap & left on overnight.
3. Washed my hair in 3 sections the following morning with Herbal Essence Moisturizing Shampoo. Rinsed out and applied Ion Smoothing Conditioner for 5 minutes.


You can see the curls at my nape. This is how my entire hair at the back looks like. If I don’t blow dry but opt for air drying, it stays in this state all week resulting in shrinkage for a 2 week post texlaxed hair.
4. Wrapped my hair with a cotton towel to absorb wetness for 20 minutes. Sprayed my scalp & hair with the green tea rinse and left to dry out completely.
5. On each section I applied Hairveda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioning Masque.



It’s filled to the brim and thick as well. A little goes a long way & there’s no need to add oils or mix it with any other deep conditioner. It doesn’t need all that extra help as it’s a star performer which I guess is due to the ingredients used.
6. Covered my hair with a shower cap & sat under my heat cap for an hour. Once time was up, I rinsed out & wrapped my hair with a cotton towel for 20 minutes.
7. Sealed with coconut oil, Giovanni weightless leave in conditioner & Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. My hair is soft, fluffy & moisturized. It tends to stay this way throughout the whole week and my love affair with Hairveda continues.
This will be my protective style for the week. For ladies requesting to chaat me up, you can add me on your BB: 7E18F48C


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