Wash Day Diary

1. Prepoo with Virgin Coconut Oil overnight. Also boiled 2 tea bags (green tea) overnight and left to steep.
2. Washed my hair the following morning with Herbal Essence Moisturizing Shampoo, Applied Ion Smoothing Conditioner and let it sit for 2 minutes before rinsing out. Once I was done rinsing, I applied my tea rinse.
3. I left the tea rinse to dry out completely before applying Hairveda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioning Masque to my hair in 4 sections. Covered my hair with a shower cap and sat under my heat cap for an hour. Once time was up, I removed the heat cap and waited for 30 minutes before rinsing out. I usually wait for the heat generated to cool down before rinsing out. By doing this, you allow your hair cuticles to close up which results in smoother air dried hair.
For the past 2 months that I have made the decision to use Hairveda consistently, I’ve observed thicker hair such that cross wrapping is becoming a chore. These organic deep conditioners are simply the best as they deliver.
4. Wrapped a cotton towel around my hair for 20minutes and removed to air dry a bit.
5. Once my hair was damp, I combed out and proceeded to seal with Coconut Oil, Giovanni Weightless Leave-in & Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum.
6. Finished off by applying Rosemary Jbco to my scalp.

Note: I’m currently 4 weeks post relaxer and the new growth I’ve got astounds me. It usually takes 8 weeks before new growth starts creeping in but with the vitamin B12 I’ve been taking over the past one month, new growth is creeping out and I decided to check it out online and this is what I learnt:


According to Lisa Drayer, registered dietician and author of the book “The Beauty Diet,” vitamin B12 promotes healthy hair growth by helping in the formation of red blood cells. The visible part of your hair — the shaft — is composed primary of keratin, a fibrous form of protein. At the base of each hair follicle, tiny blood vessels connect to the root of each hair strand. Red blood cells serve the purpose of carrying oxygen to the living portion of the hair strands. Without adequate oxygen, your hair typically won’t be able to sustain healthy growth. The one I’ve been using is the popular one that’s sold by Vitabiotics Nigeria and it retails for N250 at most pharmacies around neighbourhoods.

Have a great week ahead!

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