Reader’s Q&A


Q: I have always gone to the salon to steam my hair using their own herbal mix (though I’m not sure of it’s ingredients). It has always resulted in excessive breakage. What am I doing wrong?


A: It is important to ask questions about the products being used on your hair whenever you go to the salon for deep conditioning. Some Salons often try to persuade their clients to use a mix of herbal concocted mix claiming it’ll solve all hair issues. It is left to you to speak up and demand to know what ingredients were mixed together (just in case the jar has no specific product label on it). If they decline to furnish you with information, kindly pull the plug and refuse to use such mix.

It will be better if you will purchase your deep conditioners and carry them to the salon with you. When I’m going to the salon, I often go with my bag which consists of the following:
* My heat cap for deep conditioning
* Deep conditioner
* Natural Oils
* Leave-in Conditioner
* Sulfate Free Shampoo
* Hercules Sagemann Rake & Styling Combs for detangling, roller setting

Your hair will thrive when you go to the salon with your own product rather than use products you’re not sure of.

Enjoy the weekend ladies!

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