Product Junky Rears Up

What have I been up to? Soaking up the sun and reading up on some new Agatha Christie novels I stumbled upon on the Apple Store. I’ve also been indulging in this as well:




Too many pictures to sort out but I’ll eventually get to them hopefully. Got these beauties at the nearest Trader Joe store and some other items as well. They’ve got a whole bunch of organic produce and it’s like been in a candy store or one of those Italian ice cream stores where you’re spoilt for choice. How have I been maintaining my hair? Weather has not been so humid and I know I did inform F I’ll be going to the salon for ghana weaves. However, I found something much better while going through my mom’s old picture.

If you’ve been watching ‘Broken Angel’ on Telemundo, you’ll be familiar with ‘Mara’ who’s in love with ‘Arturo’ but they can’t be together due to his mom’s ingrained issues with racism.

Its also airing on Telemundo over here so I’m not missing anything at the moment. I had gone to the salon and requested for the smallest rollers they’ve got. The stylist took her time to work on my hair dividing it into tiny sections…doused my hair with lotta body and chi silk infusion and voila….Afro is back in style. 3times weekly, I apply the coconut oil from Trader’s Joe on my palm, rub and apply to my Afro focusing on the ends alone.

These beauties from Trader’s Joe will be available soon. For ladies who’ve been requesting for Hairveda Sitrinillah, it’s available and you can place your orders. Same goes for the ladies who are interested in Naturellegrow.
Have a fun filled weekend.

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