The Battle: Team Relaxed vs Team Natural

I was reading up my daily blog post over at Relaxed Hair Theraphy on the conflicts between team natural and team relaxed. I had a good laugh going through all the comments and its really insightful what I’ve gleaned from other blogs regarding this issue as well.

I perceive there are deep ingrained issues affecting the African American community within the United States and this is reflective in the wide opinions freely shared on some of these hair boards. Pharell Williams made a statement that struck me on the Oprah Show yesterday. I remember him saying “I don’t live life purposely as a black man’. Basically, he was trying to relay the importance of living your life irrespective of your skin colour. A lot of ladies on these hair forums are placing themselves behind bars.

It’s just hair and it makes me crazy. Brett Dennen & our own Femi Kuti couldn’t have said it better in this all time favorite song of mine.

5 thoughts on “The Battle: Team Relaxed vs Team Natural

  1. Those Natural African Curls says:

    I think it’s a defense mechanism for some people. When my hair was relaxed i’d get good and bad comments, but I only ever remembered the bad. “Why is your hair so thin?”, “are you wearing a wig?” were some I endured. Then when I first went natural I got even worse abuse “do you even comb this hair?”, “Why not relax, you look like a mad person”. So because of that when I first went natural I saw everyone relaxed as the enemy and would often criticise their mentality. But now, I have realised that everyone’s decisions are theirs to make and if I have nothing nice to say about it, I should keep my mouth shut 😉 (Most people love my natural hair now though hehehe)



  2. An Afrikan Butterfly says:

    The #teamRelaxed v #teamNatural debate is seriously overflogged
    However, putting it in the social/cultural context against where the debaters are from, sometimes, valid points are made. To each her own, sha.

    As I always say about this drama, it’s really not that serious. Not saying this because oh, I think people have too much time on their hands but because I only ever notice it online. If you’re natural, you definitely have relaxed friends and family- and vice versa. I can’t imagine a bunch of women in an actual room boxing it out over hair as they do in forums.

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