The Nexxus Shampoo Test Giveaway


You’ve been on a healthy journey for a year, two years and just can’t understand what the shampoo fuss is all about. At HairSage, we’ve received emails from clients who’ve complained about the shampoo variants they’re using. From single strand knots to tangled matted hair, there’s a blame game going on.

In this regard, we’re partnering with Nexxus Shampoo to host this giveaway. Each winner of this giveaway stands a chance to win a sample pack of shampoo. Quantities are limited in number as the sample boxes sent in by the manufacturers, was stolen at the Cargo Terminal during the recent strike.

Giveaway Rules:
1. Send us your worst shampoo story. What you didn’t like about the shampoo and its subsequent effects on your hair. What shampoo tips has aided you as you grow out your hair?
Kindly attach pictures of your current length and your current shampoo to: You’ll receive a confirmatory message.
2. Share your shampoo story on our facebook page: & on our instagram page @hairsage22.
3. Entries are open till 31st of December, 2014.
4. Winners will be determined randomly.

Send in your entries NOW!

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