Reader’s Q&A


Q: Can I leave protein deep conditioner on my hair overnight?
A: It depends on your deep conditioning preferences. Some ladies prefer deep conditioning overnight while others opt for an hour. Research indicates that within 30minutes, your hair cuticles will be raised to absorb the amount of protein adequate for your hair needs. 30 minutes – an hour is adequate enough for your hair. If you want better penetration, try and lay your hands on this heat cap which takes your deep conditioning sessions to another level.

Always remember to follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner afterwards. For instance, you can prepoo with a protein deep conditioner for an hour; shampoo your hair in sections then proceed to use a moisturizing deep conditioner.

Q: Does rinsing a scalp affected by Alopecia with Lipton promote hair growth?
A: If you’ve got Alopecia, tea rinsing is not the way to go. What you’ll require is a bottle of JBCO, Rosemary essential oil, Lavender essential oil & Peppermint essential oil. You’ll need to mix these 4 ingredients together in measured doses. Store this oil mix for a week before commencing usage.

Have a splendid week ahead!!!

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