About Today’s Naira

Today’s Naira is the foremost financial blog for the enterprising Nigerian young woman who desires financial freedom: women who seek better ways and means to secure their financial future. In our bid to combine multiple roles as a mother, aunt, career professional, lover, wife, sister in law and so on, we often neglect our finances for all these activities.

Research has continually indicated that women have a longer life expectancy than men. Our men are often too busy to be bothered about letting us in into their financial lives. While medical sciences has posited that we may outlive our men, the responsibility lies on us to take responsibility for our financial future, for the peace of our minds and that of our kids. This is my own way of encouraging women to become positive financial change agents in their homes.

This blog is not all about financial empowerment. I also discuss political, sociocultural issues relating to career, personal and professional development. I believe that it is time we took our own destiny as Nigerians into our own hands. Financial Independence will save you from nasty life situations and aid you in making the best decisions for your life.

Who are you?

My name is Jan (as re-christened by my friend Nan) and in July, I decided to set up a blog to teach financial wisdom to young women facing challenges in their personal lives. I hope to impart to as many people who are struggling with their finances.

Will you Retire permanently once you achieve your goal?

I don’t view retirement as just sitting at home and surveying the wonderful view from my living room. I intend to be actively engaged in other interests. So, no permanent retirement for me. NEWSFLASH: I am about hitting my retirement financial goal mark. The next few years will be interesting.

What do you intend to do with all these money?

  • International Travel (I have commenced…).
  • Charity (Commenced donations, you should try it too).
  • Adoption.
  • Photography School.
  • Start my own business now (I have commenced even though i’m still in paid employment).

How do I secure my financial future?

  • Have a well laid out life goal.
  • Identify some of the things you’re interested in and would like to pursue once you leave or while in paid employment.
  • Consistent savings (if you’re single, I always advise that you set aside at least 50% of your annual income) the reason I state this is, once you’re married and the kids start rolling in (depending on the number you and your spouse intend to have), your goal may drop to 20 -35% of your annual income. Imagine if you had saved 40% of your income for at least three or four years before getting married, the power of compounding interest will be of an advantage.
  • Once you’ve saved a substantial amount, start investing your money.
  • Take more than a cursory interest in your pension contributions. Ask your PFAs questions and keep them on their toes by demanding for quarterly statements on your account. Also shop around to see what other PFAs are doing.

Do you provide other services?

We also provide social media services for interested organizations. As your social media strategist, we would be the face of your organization within your respective end markets, creating and maintaining an effective social media strategy by interacting with users, growing brand awareness, creating buzz and increasing traffic. Most organizations need the services of a social media strategist to find the best way of sustaining consumer dialogue and brand awareness. We are also responsible for company blogging, viral marketing through available social media platforms. Thinking of setting up a social media campaign for your brands and services?

Please send a mail to: todaysnaira@hotmail.com

Do you allow promotion of products and services on your blog?

Oh! yes we do. Our target is to have a vibrant community of readers that are always on the lookout for better ways to live. If you are thinking of projecting your company’s image and showcasing your brands, services, events or blogs, then you should consider advertising here.

Conducting a product or service review affords me the opportunity to give an unbiased review and feedbacks to prospective consumers and the parent organization. Already considering brand and service promotions on this blog?Please send a mail: todaysnaira@hotmail.com

28 thoughts on “About Today’s Naira

  1. Bubbles says:

    Hello. I stumbled upon your blog and wondered why I haven’t seen it before. It’s definitely for the New Nigerian woman. Very empowering.

    I like it! 🙂

  2. Naijablue7 says:

    Hello January,

    thank you so much for the message on my blog. Let me first say your page is very empowering and it makes me want to go back home to stay even more.

    To be honest, I want to go home before I even retire and build an event center for weddings and other events. I love planning them!

    And also build a training school for students to get certified in certain computer software and help them through the process of attending school abroad (I’m an Education major and of course our parents instilled in us that Education is very important).

    Now about my wedding, I must say its the Grace of God and my wonderful mother in law! Since my fiance’s sister got married in Jan. of 2006, I am pretty much recycling many of her vendors and that makes things alot easier. What I have also learned is that read other wedding pages because some Nigerians state what vendors they used for their wedding. Later on in my blog I will state who my vendors are (which I have done for some) once I come back from Naija in January. So you can use those for your wedding if you like.

    Keep in mind, planning a wedding in Naija is definitely is not easy! The vendors are lot like the ones in the US that will cater to you. Yes, definitely budget and let your parents (groom’s parents) know how many people you will accept. When I first started the whole planning, I word the words a 1000+ and I told them, I beg reduce this number. So now I am at 500 guest maximum. They agreed.

    Now the amount to budget for really varies, it depends on how much you are really willing to spend and convert everything so that you know you are getting your moneys worth. For example, compare how much it will cost to get a photographer here in the US to Naija (US photographer = $2500, Naija photographer [Body Lawson Photography is n150k convert to $1175 which includes 2 albums). To be honest my current estimated amount is $40k, which includes what my fiance and I are paying for, my mom and dad, and groom’s mom and dad. Please remember too, Naija weddings are a two day event, traditional engagement and wedding, so really its cheaper in Naija than the US in the long run.

    Contact me again if you need more assistance. I love planning weddings!

  3. January says:

    Hello Naijablue, definitely, you can count on it. I’ll be contacting you when i’m planning my own wedding. In the interim, i’ll have fun reading through your own preparations.

  4. Abies says:

    I want suggestions/opinions/ideas/examples of small scale business one can go into as a working mother that invoves little capital.

    Your views will be highly appreciated.

    Anyhow, this site is wonderful.

    Abies E.

  5. oleafrica says:

    Hi Jan,

    I just came across your blog….very informative and I love the concept of it. I have a similar blog with my friends blogging and current issues and information about Africa. Is it OK if we get exchange link? I believe both our readers will benefit from the blogs. Send me an email if you are OK with it.


  6. Esco says:

    Impressive blog, and a welcome break from the usual stuff we see all around us on fashion, music and entertainment.

    Well written and edited. More grease to your elbow.

  7. apugougochi2013 says:

    Hello Jan, just stumbled on ur blog ,very nice one . I have being searching all dis while on how to get some good products to use on my natural hair since I started my hair journey.Really am excited but I hope ur shipping fee is not on d high side. Will love to know . Thanks

    • Jan says:

      Hi Ugochi,

      Yay!! Glad to know you’ve commenced on your own journey (be it natural, relaxed, texlaxed). Thank you for your kind words. You’ll be glad to know that shipping rates are affordable. If you reside outside Lagos, it’s N2,500 as we deliver via Tranex Express and within Lagos, it’s N1,000.

      Welcome on board!!! Yay!! So excited.

    • Jan says:

      Hi Sayo,

      Currently our shipment of JBCO has arrived and its currently being cleared at Customs. We’ve exhausted our stock of Hair Trigger and you can place your order once the import window for October opens. A bottle of JBCO is N3,500. For further details, kindly contact us via: todaysnaira@hotmail.com

  8. Itenoria says:

    Hello Jan.

    Thanks for your advice. I did start the process of changing jobs. Got an offer that I’m quite pleased with :). Looking forward to what I can do with that. I was wondering though, there hasn’t been any new posts on investments, savings, financial independence etc. Is there a reason why they’ve stopped?

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