Wash Day Diary

20130723-094427.jpg1. Commenced my prepoo session with NJoy Prepoo Oil on my scalp and JBCO on my entire length. Covered my hair with 2 shower caps and left it on overnight. In the morning, I rinsed it off and washed with Ion Smoothing Shampoo; applied Ion Smoothing Hair Masque and left it on for 5minutes before rinsing out.

2. I’ve discovered that black tea rinse works effectively for me on a long stretch as it minimizes shedding. However I only use a bag as this is much better than using 2bags and it does the job. I’ve got 2 weeks more before I go for a touch up and I’m counting down cos I can’t wait to run my hands through my hair.

3. Proceeded to use Kanechom Acai deep conditioner, a dash of peppermint oil, Roux Porosity & JBCO since I was all about moisture this week. Covered my hair with a shower cap and sat under my Gold N Hot Heat cap for 30minutes before leaving it  to cool off.

4. Rinsed out and wrapped my hair in a cotton towel for 10minutes; applied NJoy essentials on my scalp and Jojoba oil on my length. Applied Biolage Advanced Fibrestrong and finished with Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum. I was thinking of blow drying but decided not to.

5. My hair is currently back in corn rows and wigging is on till I touch up.


Readers Q&A

Q&AQ: How often should I use Jamaican Black Castor Oil?

A: To avoid product build up, use JBCO 3 times a week. You should know that this oil is thick and it might weigh your hair down if you use it a lot. Always remember a little goes a long way. You can mix it with a lighter oil like Grapeseed oil. I often use my mix of JBCO & Grapeseed oil as a prepoo and sealant.

Q: How often should I steam my hair with JBCO?

A: Depending on your wash or co-wash routine, steaming your hair with JBCO is the same as a hot oil treatment which you can do once a week. Now I’ve got a heat cap, my prepoo on Friday night usually involves using my heat cap for 15minutes.

Q: How do I take care of my demarcation line?

A: When applying your leave-in conditioners, always divide your hair into small sections and apply the leave-in beyond the line of demarcation. It ensures your new growth stays soft and it becomes more manageable. Taking care of your demarcation line prevents hair breakage. Remember to use water based leave-in conditioners such as Komaza Care Califia Moisturising Spray, S-Curl Activator (only apply to the your roots), or my ever dependable Mane N’ Tail Detangler cos it’s got moisturizing elements as well and it delivers.

Q: How do I grow my hair fast?

A: This is the most frequently asked question I receive from readers every week. Your hair grows continually but bad practices deprive us from length. You need to change the habits you’ve subjected your hair to and start taking better care of your hair if you want to see growth happen. Because your hair grows on a daily basis, it is your responsibility to retain the growth you have by incorporating weekly deep conditioning, moisturizing and sealing, using sulfate free shampoos and adhering to a healthy hair regime. Once you do this consistently, you’ll begin to see length.

Q: Can I leave rosemary oil on my scalp overnight?

A: Rosemary oil can either be used as part of your weekly deep conditioning or prepoo. Due to its potency, you only need 3-4 drops which you can add to your JBCO or any carrier oil you currently use (such as Almond, Grapeseed oil e.t.c). If you’re pregnant, it’s advisable to seek your doctor’s advice as Rosemary oil is known to induce labour.

Q: How long does it take for my African hair to be repaired and grow?

A: Your length goals is dependent on you but due to the bad practices you have subjected your hair to in the past, you need to regain a healthy mane before you can retain length. Like I stated earlier, take responsibility for your hair and stop leaving it to hair stylists and you’ll begin to see healthy growth.



Readers Question

Q: How do I grow my hair to bra strap length for a Nigerian lady?

Ladies, please believe that your hair can grow to any length you desire. I’m a living proof of that. My hair goal for 2013 is MBL (mid-back length) and five months later I’m an inch away from bra strap length. How did I get here? Through patience and treating my hair with utmost care. I also dropped my love for heat and learnt to air dry, deep condition, co-wash and conducted a lot of research online to educate myself.

We often think that the weather overseas helps African American ladies grow their hair but that is quite false. Houston (Texas) has the same weather condition as Nigeria and I saw a lot of African American ladies with long, healthy hair. Growing your hair to whatever length depends on how you treat and nourish your hair. Remember your hair needs moisture to retain length and elasticity.

Q: How often should I mix castor oil to black tea for my hair growth?

You cannot mix castor oil with black tea for faster hair growth. Black tea contains 14-61 mg caffeine. What caffeine does is to block the hair hormone responsible for hair loss – dihydrotestosterone. You use black tea as a rinse before applying your deep conditioner.

Q: Where in Lagos can I buy castor oil packs?
Call 07026364892 or send an email to: todaysnaira@hotmail.com to place your order.

To inspire you on your hair journey whether it’s relaxed, texlaxed or natural, check out this video from Shortysweet59 below. She grew her hair from shoulder length to waist length within 1year 10months.

Have a fantastic weekend.