Reader’s Q&A

Q: Jamaican Black Castor Oil matts my hair. How do I prevent this going forward.
A: Let me start by saying that Jbco is quite thick. I’d assume you’re using it to seal your ends. Unless you’ve got thick hair strands, it might be okay to use. The key to prevent matting when using this oil is to use it sparingly (pea sized amounts as a little goes a long way). One other option is to use it as a growth aid for your scalp only while you can seal with coconut oil; grapeseed oil, avocado oil or any other natural oil.
Using Jbco to seal for ladies with fine hair, results in matting and it weighs your down giving your ends that stringy , weak look.

Q: How do I prevent breakage during harmattan?
A: There are two options you can consider:
– Protective styling such as braids, wigs and weaves. It’s important you do not leave these styles beyond 4weeks max. If you’re going the wig route, make sure you’ve got corn rows installed underneath. You can wash and deep condition your hair on a weekly basis (assuming you’re opting for wigs). Maintaining your hair during this period is key.
– Second option for ladies who’d like to carry their own hair for the festivities is to incorporate weekly hot oil treatment as your prepoo (keeps your hair lubricated and in top shape, preventing dryness which often leads to breakage. Also make use of heat during deep conditioning sessions on a weekly basis. This you can do with a heat cap or steamer as it ramps up moisture for your hair strands.
These are some of the things I do once Harmattan arrives.

Have a great week ahead!!!

Update: NAHCO finally called off its recent strike. For Ladies who wanted to place an order for the following products, you can now do so.

– Hollywood Beauty Mayonnaise Moisturizer

– Hollywood Beauty Creme Brulee

– Hairveda Red Tea Satin Moisturizer

Update on M’s Texlax


If you’ve read previous post on M’s Texlax update, then you might have been wondering about her progress recently. She sent me this recent update on her progress early this month and I still remember how she squealed “I made arm pit length”. Congrats to M and consistency is the name of the game ladies.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Readers’ Q&A


Ladies! How’re you all? Trust everyone is doing great. I’ve been busy for the past couple of weeks on some other matters. I also needed a break to rest as this is summer and we all need some time away on vacation. To ladies who’ve been asking if the Hairveda product samples have arrived. No we are yet to receive and you’ll be the first to know once it arrives.

So back to the question for today..

Q: Why can’t I use essential oils alone on my scalp and hair?

A: One thing that you must remember about essential oils is not to use them undiluted! They are usually very strong and, if overused, can cause serious skin burns as well as other health issues (such as high blood pressure, headaches and so on). People with high blood pressure should avoid using rosemary oil.

Now, for hundreds of years people have been using EOs to treat hair loss. Most people either mix 1-3 drops of their favorite EO into shampoo/conditioner or add some to their pre-shampoo oil treatments.

Another thing about EOs that seems to come up time and time again is that they work best when used in conjunction with other oils. Moderation is key when using essential oils. You must take care.

Hair Tip


As you hair grows longer beyond shoulder length, one of the few things you’ll observe is the rise in single strand knots and tangling. One way I have been solving this is to ensure my ends are moisturized. I also incorporate baggying my ends once a week to stave off dry ends. Once your ends are dry, it results in the inevitable.
As your hair grows longer, keep in mind to take care of your ends. They’re the oldest part of your hair and do need the extra TLC. If you’ve been wondering how to tie a turban successfully on your bad hair days, take a cue from this easy, peasy tutorial on Pinterest

Enjoy the holidays as I intend to spend mine well.


Product Review

Today I’ll be posting product reviews for Darcy’s Botanical & Borghese Tuscany Hair Thickening Cream. This review has been submitted by Moji .E who’s a reader on this blog.

I decided she’s in a position to review the product samples given. So here we go.

Thanks so much again for the freebies you had delivered along with the products i ordered. They were very much appreciated.

I decided I will send the reviews of the products when after my relaxer touch up, as i would have used both products by then (I intended to use the hair thickening cream when i blow dry my hair after texlaxing). So, here are the reviews of those products:

Darcy Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Smoothing Cream
I used this product while i was personally putting my hair in cornrows during the last week of my 16 week stretch. It came in very handy because I had a lot of issues with my new growth tangling. It was just the right consistency, was not too thick or watery and it had a nice chocately smell that was not too overpowering.
The first thing i noticed was how the product was easily absorbed in hair and it really did help in detangling my hair and best of all, it left my locks feeling very soft even a few days later.
I’ll definitely give this cocoa bean smoothing cream a 5 star rating, I am very pleased with the product.

Borghese Tuscany Thickening Cream
I tried this product out today after texlaxing my hair at home. It promises more thickness after use, I followed instructions by applying to my damp hair, finger combed and blow dried my hair. I did notice that my hair appeared a bit thicker though I was not wowed because in my opinion, it did not make any remarkable difference to my hair (maybe my expectations were too high). It however was easy absorbed by my mane.
I will give this product a 3 star rating.

Readers’ Q&A

20131020-142918.jpgQ: How often should I apply peppermint oil to my scalp to stimulate hair growth?

A: I will want to assume you have followed the dilution ratio for peppermint oil and you aren’t applying it to your scalp directly as it’s a potent oil. In case you haven’t, this is the dilution ratio I use; 5 caps of peppermint oil to half a bottle of Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Shake the bottle & keep in the darkest part of your wardrobe or kitchen shelves for a week before direct application commences. This allows the oils to blend and perform their magic. 3 times a week at night before going to bed does the trick.

Q: Can I cowash & deep condition while taking Hairfinity?

A: Taking Hairfinity vitamins does not bar you from adhering or keeping up with your weekly hair regimen. Remember it is a vitamin supplement for your hair to boost growth. While you are taking this drug, it is your utmost responsibility to ensure you deep condition weekly; moisture & seal regularly. This ensures you obtain an wholesome result at the end of the day. On the other hand, if you abandon your hair regimen and solely depend on Hairfinity for growth without considering the need to retain this growth, your efforts will be in vain. Hope you understand why a weekly regimen is important while taking Hairfinity.


Q: What is the essence of covering my hair with a shower cap while deep conditioning?

A: Covering your hair with a shower cap is important during deep conditioning cos the heat generated from your body heat allows the hair follicles to open up, allowing the deep conditioner to enter the strands and perform its’ function.

Mid-Week DC


This is what my new growth looks like 12weeks post relaxer. I commenced on Sunday with inversion. I start by boiling water in an electric kettle & once the switch indicates it’s hot, I pour out into a cup and immerse my Roots Only Applicator Bottle for some few minutes till it’s warm and I bring it out.

20130706-153649.jpgMy mix consists of Rosemary Oil, Jojoba Oil & JBCO as I want a darker shade of hair (over the past few months with consistent use of Rosemary Oil, my hair has grown darker). I divide my hair into 4sections and braid before applying the warm oil to my roots. I massage and proceed to lie down on my bed while ensuring my head is hanging out by the edge. I set the timer on my phone for 4minutes and that’s it for inversion. I’m on day 3.

Today I plan to deep condition overnight once I’m done with inversion. I will mix a spoon of Silk Amino Acid (using Chi Silk Infusion) with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner & apply to my ends alone to protect my ends with protein while I apply the moisturizing conditioner to the roots and mid-length.

This ensures my hair remains moisturised for the week. My younger sister will be posting a video of her bantu knot tutorial over the weekend as it’s become such a huge hit with her colleagues at the office.