Product Junky Rears Up

What have I been up to? Soaking up the sun and reading up on some new Agatha Christie novels I stumbled upon on the Apple Store. I’ve also been indulging in this as well:




Too many pictures to sort out but I’ll eventually get to them hopefully. Got these beauties at the nearest Trader Joe store and some other items as well. They’ve got a whole bunch of organic produce and it’s like been in a candy store or one of those Italian ice cream stores where you’re spoilt for choice. How have I been maintaining my hair? Weather has not been so humid and I know I did inform F I’ll be going to the salon for ghana weaves. However, I found something much better while going through my mom’s old picture.

If you’ve been watching ‘Broken Angel’ on Telemundo, you’ll be familiar with ‘Mara’ who’s in love with ‘Arturo’ but they can’t be together due to his mom’s ingrained issues with racism.

Its also airing on Telemundo over here so I’m not missing anything at the moment. I had gone to the salon and requested for the smallest rollers they’ve got. The stylist took her time to work on my hair dividing it into tiny sections…doused my hair with lotta body and chi silk infusion and voila….Afro is back in style. 3times weekly, I apply the coconut oil from Trader’s Joe on my palm, rub and apply to my Afro focusing on the ends alone.

These beauties from Trader’s Joe will be available soon. For ladies who’ve been requesting for Hairveda Sitrinillah, it’s available and you can place your orders. Same goes for the ladies who are interested in Naturellegrow.
Have a fun filled weekend.

Product Review: Hairveda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioning Masque


The first time I learnt about the Hairveda range was through Jen of ‘Just Grow Already’ blog. I also stumbled across the same product on LHCF with the ladies on that forum comparing the efficacy of Hairveda Sitrinillah against other deep conditioners out there. I decided to give it a try by placing some orders for myself and other ladies who were interested in using the brand.

While my usage experience was impressive, I received a lot of positive feedback from the ladies who ordered 2months ago. F had to call me to declare she had finally found the deep conditioner of her dreams. She went ahead & placed an order for the salon size tub. I also got similar calls as well and yesterday, a lady called in who’d had trouble finding the perfect deep conditioner for herself & her daughters. They’ve got coarse, kinky textures and she’d despaired of finding one till she tried Hairveda.

She spent 10minutes on the phone regaling me of the positive experience they had with Hairveda & how she’s found her deep conditioner for life. Today I’ll be posting Moji’s product review below:

I can confidently say that hairveda sitrinillah conditioner is the best moisturizing conditioner I have tried so far on my hair journey. I am usually in the habit of mixing oils in my conditioner but I didn’t mix my hairveda conditioner with oil when I used it after I saw that coconut oil and castor oil were the second and third ingredients listed on it after water.

I also had better results than when I mixed oil with my regular conditioners. It left my hair feeling silky, soft yet strong and the softness lasted for days…no kidding! I could not stop touching my hair. It’s definitely a keeper :). A little also goes a very long way.

Happy Worker’s Day Ladies!!
Enjoy your day cos you deserve it.

Readers’ Q&A

20131020-142918.jpgQ: How do I Choose the Best Deep Conditioner?

A: The best deep conditioner is generally devoid of silicones, waxes and drying alcohols while rife with humectants and hydrating ingredients, mostly from natural plant sources. Light proteins, such as wheat protein, soy protein or silk amino acids, are often in high-caliber deep conditioners in small measures because they enable the hair to absorb moisture better. Hard proteins like animal proteins and keratin are often not recommended by most beauticians because they can dry out hair strands. A true deep conditioner will not simply sit on the outside of the hair shaft, but will possess molecules small enough to penetrate to the cortex.

Effective humectants for deep conditioners include honey, propylene glycol and glycerin. Moisturizing alcohols like cetearyl, lauryl or myristyl also appear in these products. Moisturizing alcohols are fatty alcohols and do not dry out hair in the same way as isopropyl alcohol or propyl alcohol, which should generally be avoided, according to beauticians. Hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera, wheat germ and olive oil are often staples in the best deep conditioner.

Cyclomethicone and dimethicone are two of the most common silicones found in ineffective deep conditioners. Silicones are often avoided by seekers of moisturized hair because they coat the hair cuticle, thereby creating a smooth, shiny appearance that suggests healthy, moisturized hair. No moisture can penetrate the shield of silicones, however. Scientifically, the molecules of cyclomethicone and dimethicone are too large to be absorbed by the hair; instead, they sit on top of the hair strand, generally blocking the penetration of water and other ingredients. The same is true for waxes like petrolatum and mineral oil, which are widespread in conditioners, yet lack the ability to penetrate.


The best deep conditioner has ingredients that are hydrolyzed. Hydrolyzed ingredients are those in which the molecules have been mechanically broken down to a micro-size that can be absorbed deep in the hair strand. Most daily leave-in or rinse-out conditioners do not fully penetrate the hair shaft. They are designed to work quickly by coating the hair and relieving tangles until the next day’s wash. A deep conditioner, generally designed for weekly use, will need 15 to 20 minutes to penetrate and require a form of heat for maximum moisture.

Heat sources, whether plastic wraps heated by body temperature, electric heating caps, bonnet dryers or steamers, often are used in combination with deep conditioners to encourage maximum penetration and effectiveness. Deep conditioners are generally used on freshly washed hair that has been air-dried or towel-dried lightly. Using deep conditioners on unwashed hair, however, is effective for some, provided the hair is not overly dirty and is washed immediately after conditioning. The best deep conditioners rinse clean, leaving behind no build-up or artificial shine enhancers.

Benefits of Deep Conditioning


If you are skipping deep treating your hair, you are likely not seeing the kind of results you hope for.  Deep treating the hair simply refers to the use of deep conditioners or oils that are used for a prolonged period on the hair.  Standard conditioners are not deep treatments.  They are formulated to lubricate not penetrate, although oils and other additives that have penetrating abilities can be added.  When looking for products to use as deep treatments, look for the words “deep,” “intensive” or “penetrating.” 
These products are formulated to travel deep into the hair shaft and attach themselves to weakened or compromised areas along the hair strand.  While nothing can regrow damaged areas, deep treatments can go a long way toward enhancing elasticity and stopping further protein loss.  While many such treatments’ instructions suggest that you leave them on for 3-5 minutes, most treatments are greatly enhanced by prolonged contact with the hair strand.  30 minutes to an hour or longer is advised.  When it comes to deep treating the hair, more is better.  More time and more contact are advisable.  Always make sure and section the hair so that each and every strand is getting saturated with the treatment. 
Leaving a treatment on overnight is a wonderful method to use, as is incorporating a heating cap or overhead dryer.  Heat in this instance is therapeutic, because it causes the hair shaft to relax and the cuticle to raise – ensuring maximum penetration of lubricants, moisture and nutrients to troubled areas.  Keep in mind that commercial treatments are not the only way to go.  Natural oils, honey, eggs and herbs such as henna and cassia make superb deep treatments.  Natural oils and additives should generally be used as a “pre-poo” or pre shampoo treatments, as they need to be thoroughly cleansed from strands. 
Some wonderful oils to use as pre-poos are olive, Jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil.  Their molecular structure is clinically proven to easily penetrate the hair shaft and attach itself to compromised areas –  helping to stop protein loss.  Commercial products can be used as pre-poos as well – just make sure that you are using a conditioner for moisturisation after shampooing them out.  Deep treatments should be used on a weekly basis to gain maximum benefits.  With consistency, you’ll begin to see the results you’ve been longing for! Visit our store to place your order!
Source: Tress Buzz

Introducing The Hair City


Yay it’s official!!! If you’re one of those women or girls desirous of achieving healthy and longer hair(whether its’ relaxed or natural), it’s our pleasure to introduce ‘The Hair City‘ to you. Hair City offers you the platform to place orders for all your hair needs. Basically, we’re here to provide products you don’t get to see or buy regularly within our shores. For  women who’re currently on their hair journeys, we will be providing answers to some of the deep rooted fears you have had over the years about African hair. Our products are available and guaranteed to deliver results. Remember growing your hair to the desired length takes time, patience and effort.

If you’d like to see what we have currently in stock, click here

We deliver via EMS Speedpost and for residents within Lagos, it takes a single day for delivery while inter-state takes 2-3 working days. Alternatively, you can call us on 07026364892 for further questions and clarifications about your hair matters.

Today I’ll be addressing questions some readers have sent.

Q: Does hair only grow when you’re asleep? That’s pure myth playing out here. The answer is ‘No’. What your hair requires to grow is moisture and only moisture alone. Moisture happens when you deep condition, apply leave-in. Often times, I use green tea as a leave-in while using grape seed oil to lock in the moisture. Green tea is effective in stimulating your hair follicles and it promotes hair growth & shine while preventing split ends.

Q: Can castor oil be used for receding hairline in relaxed African hair? Yes it can.

Q: How to use Jamaican black castor oil on receding hairline? Dab a bit of castor oil on the affected area and massage your scalp three times weekly.

Q: How long does it take to see a difference using Jamaican black castor oil on receding hairline?
Within 3 months, you’ll see changes. Please be consistent and patient while using castor oil.
I’ve been using it & seen remarkable changes.

Q: Where can I purchase Jamaican black castor oil in Lagos? Send a mail to to place your order.

Q: I’m in Ghana. Where can I purchase Mane N’ Tail products? Send a mail to to place your order.

Q: Where can I purchase Elasta QP Olive & Mango moisturizing butter? Send a mail to to place your order.