Wash Day Chronicle

Apart from Lauren Mechelle whose hair I absolutely adore, I’ve got a hair crush on Kimberly Holden as well. She makes these fun quirky and engaging videos. If you’re thinking of trying on clip in extensions for the holidays, you should also know how to wash them as well. If you’re in the mood for a messy bun tutorial, check the videos below:


Credit: YouTube

Reader’s Q&A

Q: Jamaican Black Castor Oil matts my hair. How do I prevent this going forward.
A: Let me start by saying that Jbco is quite thick. I’d assume you’re using it to seal your ends. Unless you’ve got thick hair strands, it might be okay to use. The key to prevent matting when using this oil is to use it sparingly (pea sized amounts as a little goes a long way). One other option is to use it as a growth aid for your scalp only while you can seal with coconut oil; grapeseed oil, avocado oil or any other natural oil.
Using Jbco to seal for ladies with fine hair, results in matting and it weighs your down giving your ends that stringy , weak look.

Q: How do I prevent breakage during harmattan?
A: There are two options you can consider:
– Protective styling such as braids, wigs and weaves. It’s important you do not leave these styles beyond 4weeks max. If you’re going the wig route, make sure you’ve got corn rows installed underneath. You can wash and deep condition your hair on a weekly basis (assuming you’re opting for wigs). Maintaining your hair during this period is key.
– Second option for ladies who’d like to carry their own hair for the festivities is to incorporate weekly hot oil treatment as your prepoo (keeps your hair lubricated and in top shape, preventing dryness which often leads to breakage. Also make use of heat during deep conditioning sessions on a weekly basis. This you can do with a heat cap or steamer as it ramps up moisture for your hair strands.
These are some of the things I do once Harmattan arrives.

Have a great week ahead!!!

Update: NAHCO finally called off its recent strike. For Ladies who wanted to place an order for the following products, you can now do so.

– Hollywood Beauty Mayonnaise Moisturizer

– Hollywood Beauty Creme Brulee

– Hairveda Red Tea Satin Moisturizer

Trimming your Ends – How to?

It’s important to have a schedule you can stick to when trimming your ends. If you’re just starting out on your hair journey and your ends are in a weak state, start afresh by sniping those dead ends off. Your hair will thank you for it.

If you decide not to, months later down the road, you’ll have to face this monster head on. At that point in time, you’ll be battling with split ends, breakage and mid-shaft splits as well. It’s important you nip this early on by doing the needful. As time goes on, you’ll reap the rewards in terms of healthy, thicker ends.

What schedule should I implement for my hair?

You can either have a 6week or 4week calendar you adhere to for trimming.

How do I trim successfully? Check out these YouTube videos below:

Readers’ Q&A

Hello Everyone. How was the weekend? Mine was busy with lots of traveling thrown in between and it’s great to be back. So it’s time to answer your emails.


Q: What has made the difference since you commenced your hair journey?
A: The biggest difference has been regular deep conditioning. Without deep conditioning, it would have been impossible to retain length and achieve thicker hair. Nowadays, I abide by the principle of ‘less is more’. The only thing I add to my deep conditioning staple is a cap of Roux Porosity Control. Adhering to a consistent hair regimen has aided growth as well.

Q: When should I apply my tea rinse?
A: Your tea rinse must be applied after washing your hair prior to deep conditioning. The essence of using a tea rinse is to minimize the incidence of shedding.

Q: How long will it take me to grow my hair from BSL to MBL?
A: if you’ve achieved bra strap length already, you’ve done a darn good job. Timelines for hitting particular length goals are different for each individual based on your monthly growth rate. The most important thing is to stick to what has brought you this far and hopefully, you’ll reach mid back length soon. Just do it at a pace you’re comfortable with and take care of your ends.

Have a great week ahead.


Easy, Breezy


I have decided to switch things up by investing in Satin Pillowcases. There are days I simply can’t locate my satin bonnets and I’m so done with searching. This pair of satin pillowcases comes in various colors and practically keep my protective styles intact. I got 2pcs for N2,800 and it’s proven useful nowadays.


I’ve had fun using this comb attachment to blow dry my hair. The longest parts of wash day is waiting for your hair to air dry. Now, I really don’t have to wait that long, I simply use this comb with my dryer adjusting the setting to ‘cool shot’. To get that sleek look, I divide my hair into small sections applying Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum OR Chi Silk Infusion resulting in easy, breezy hair.

Wash Day Diary


1. Commenced prepoo session for an hour with Vatika Frosting. Once time was up, I washed my hair with Ion Smoothing Shampoo and applied Ion Smoothing Masque for 5minutes before rinsing out.
2. Applied a green tea rinse, spraying directly to my scalp and entire hair. Waited for the rinse to dry out before applying Sitrinillah Deep Conditioning Masque. Plopped down to deep condition with my heat cap for an hour. Once time was up, I waited for an extra 5 minutes before rinsing out.
3. Wrapped a cotton towel for 20 minutes and proceeded to seal with Vatika Frosting, Giovanni Weightless Leave In & Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum.
Finally, I laid my hands on the Hercules Sagemann styling comb to kickstart my roller setting sessions going forward. It was a breeze to use at the salon and my curls turned out well.

Enjoy the week ahead.

Wash Day Diary

1. Prepoo session got tossed outta the window for one strange reason..wasn’t up to it. I’ve been a bit lazy about my hair.
2. Divided my hair into 2 sections and detangled with the Hercules Sagemann Comb. Proceeded to wash my hair with Ion Keratin Smoothing Shampoo. Once I was done, I wrapped a cotton towel around my hair and waited for 10minutes to absorb all that wetness. Since I hadn’t bothered to prepoo and skipped my tea rinse, it was important to deep condition on damp hair (as my hair was screaming for moisture). Oh! before applying the deep conditioner, I detangled once more.
3. I slathered loads of Hairveda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioning Masque on both sections. Covered my hair with a shower cap and wore my heat cap while setting the timer for 45minutes.

4. Laid down on my bed and decided to finish up on Agatha Christie’s ‘Murder On The Orient Express’. Loved the film adaptation and I can’t count the number of times I’ve read this novel back to back. Simply astonishing what Hercules Poirot gets up to when solving murder cases.
5. Once the timer went off, I switched off the heat cap and waited for 15minutes before rinsing out. Wrapped a cotton towel on my head and waited for 15minutes before sealing with Coconut oil, Giovanni Weightless Leave in & Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. Applied Jbco to my scalp and edges.

I’m left with smooth, fluffy air dried hair.


Keeping Moisture in your Hair: Tips

Tip 1:

The circulated air in airplanes is particularly dry and therefore not hair-friendly. While in flight you should therefore apply a trace of thermal or moisture protecting hair spray every hour. While on board, you can also wrap your hair with a silk scarf. This keeps your hair style intact even during very long flights.

Tip 2:

Quite often, moisture is particularly lacking at the hair ends. A hair end tonic can alleviate this problem and the accompanying split ends by sealing and moisturising the hair ends.

Tip 3:

Before using a flat or curling iron you should always apply a protective thermal or styling spray.

Tip 4:

Don’t I have a hair moisturising tip for you! Crush the pulp of a ripe avocado and stir a tablespoon of wheat germ oil and the juice of a lemon into it. The resulting slurry should not be too thick. If necessary you may add a little water. Apply the slurry to the washed hair and wrap cling film around the hair. Keep the avocado slurry in your hair and under wraps for 15 minutes before rinsing it out thoroughly. You are going to love the result.