To Airdry or Not

I’m at the stage where air-drying no longer works for my Texlaxed hair. My weekly wash day isn’t complete without blowdrying on cool once my hair is almost dry. On the few occasions I’ve tried air drying, I often end up with shrinkage and crinkly hair. I guess it’s due to this fine strands of mine. Your experience may be different. The most important thing is to do what’s right for your hair.

I’ve worked very hard to get this beautiful mane and I like to wear my hair out or in a messy updo while striving to project a professional image too. Messy updo’s have become my go to hairstyle due to the thickness I’ve gained now. It’s so gratifying to pull up my hair into a messy bun without using ponytail holders but bobby pins only.

Shoulder Length Hair Porn

Ladies, if you’ve got shoulder length hair and thinking there’s not much you can do with your hair in terms of protective styling, you are so wrong. Stumbled on ‘Kimberly Holden’s’ YouTube video while searching for my daily dose of relaxed hair porn.

Can’t get enough of what she does with her hair…please check this video out and that protective style she has on reminds me of F’s protective styling a week ago.


Source: YouTube

Readers’ Q&A

Q&AQ: Can I oil my scalp after using peppermint oil?

A: It is always important to bear in mind that Peppermint Oil is a potent oil and it is necessary to dilute it with a carrier oil such as JBCO, Jojoba or any other oil before direct application. At no point in time should you use it directly on your scalp. Once you have applied, there is no need to use any other oil on your scalp as there’s just so much your scalp can take without resulting in buildup. Remember your scalp secrete its’ own oil as well. A little goes a long way.

Q: Can I overlap texlaxed hair?

A: Overlapping occurs when your stylist applies relaxer to previously relaxed hair. If done frequently, it results in thinning hair, loss of volume and hair breakage. To prevent this, it is important you coat relaxed hair with JBCO or Chi Silk Infusion (whichever applies).

To other news, the pictures are pouring in and our first picture comes from Tanzania where the shipment was delivered yesterday.


Exciting moments are here. Enjoy your weekend ladies!!!

Readers’ Q&A

20131020-142918.jpgQ: How do I use JBCO on my children’s hair?

A: Depending on the regimen you have incorporated for your daughter, there are several ways you can use this product. For instance, I use it as a prepoo treatment for my niece which means first thing on Saturday morning, I divide her hair into 6 sections and apply JBCO through her hair (from end to root) and proceed to cover with a shower cap for an hour before using shampoo.

I have replaced her hair pomades with JBCO so now that she’s become more comfortable with going to the salon for her weekly cornrows, I use JBCO on her scalp and also use it to seal her ends as well.

Q: Does Jamaican Black Castor Oil have Ceramides?

A: To the best of my knowledge, no it does not. If you are searching for oils with ceramides, your best bet are Grapeseed oil and Wheat Germ Oil.

Q: How many drops of peppermint oil can I use to deep condition my hair?

A: Due to its strong potency, half a capful is okay for your deep conditioning sessions.

Q: When do I use Roux Porosity Control?

A: You can use it to coat your hair before going for a touch up; you can also use it during your weekly washes immediately after shampooing; after touching up and rinsing out the relaxer, you can also use Roux Porosity to restore your hairs’ ph balance. One other way you can use it is adding a capful to your deep conditioner.

Wash Day Diary

silicon bambu mix elasta qp ultra hydration1. Prepoo with JBCO on the length of my hair and a special blend mix on my scalp (consisting of 4 capfuls Rosemary Oil;4 capfuls Peppermint Oil; 4 capfuls Jojoba Oil & half a bottle of JBCO). I let it sit for a week before commencing use so the oils can blend together.

2. Covered my hair with a shower cap & used my heat cap for 30 minutes before heading to the bathroom to shampoo. Shampooed with Ion Keratin Smoothing Shampoo; applied Roux Porosity Control & left it on for 2minutes before rinsing out. I proceeded to spray my hair liberally with a mix of green & black tea.

3. Once my hair was dry, mixed Elasta QP Soyl Deep Conditioner with Silicon Bambu mix as I needed to blow dry and flat iron (first time since I commenced my hair journey a year ago). Covered my hair with a shower cap and used my heat cap for 45minutes before rinsing out.

4. Once my hair was 80% damp, sealed with Grapeseed oil (this is a fantastic sealing oil for ladies like myself who’ve got fine strands); Tresemme Split Remedy; Advanced Biolage Matrix Fibrestrong and finished off with Chi Silk Infusion to protect my hair during the flat ironing process.

5. Proceeded to blow dry using the tension method before using the flat iron. My ceramic flat iron has got a knob that allows you to flip to the kind of hair texture you’ve got. So I flipped to fine and proceeded to flat iron dividing my hair into sections.

My hair feels like butter right now and this I attribute to Silicon Bambu mix.

To other news, our 2nd shipment of the year has arrived and for ladies who’ve been itching to try out the following products (Purabody Murumuru; Hairveda Sitrinillah; Darcy’s Botanical Lemongrass Transitioning Creme; Darcy’s Botanicals leave-in conditioner)can do so now:

Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning CreamDaily Leave-In Conditioner



Wash Day Diary


Products used: Aubrey Organics GBP/Aubrey Organics White Camelia Moisturizing Conditioner/Peppermint Oil/JBCO/Advanced Matrix Biolage Fibrestrong/Tresemme Split Remedy Leave-in/Grapeseed oil/Njoy Essentials/Ion Smoothing Shampoo/Roux Porosity Control

1. Prepoo with a mix of Peppermint oil, JBCO & Njoy Essentials. Covered my hair with a shower cap for an hour.

2. Combined green and black tea bags. Brought to boil and left overnight to steep.

3. Washed my hair in 2sections with Ion Keratin Smoothing Shampoo. Once I was done, I applied Roux Porosity Control and waited for 2minutes before rinsing out (just discovered one other thing I had not observed earlier with the use of Roux Porosity Control. Overtime it has reduced frizzy nature of my hair to the minimum). Sprayed my hair liberally with the green/tea rinse combo and left to dry completely. By the time my hair was dry, it was smooth and frizz free.

4. Proceeded to apply Aubrey Organics GBP to my ends and Aubrey Organics White Camelia smoothing moisturizing conditioner to my length and root. Covered my hair with a shower cap and waited for an hour before rinsing out. F! you simply rock for loaning me this’s the shiznit…simply rocks.

5. Once I rinsed out, wrapped my hair in a cotton towel for 20minutes before applying a mix of grapeseed & JBCO, Tresemme Split Remedy and Advanced Matrix Fibrestrong before calling it a day. Styled my hair in a grecian updo that i saw on Pinterest.

On a lighter note, I am so done with beauty salons right now. Went to one I considered exceptional on Sunday and they freaked me out with the way they were handling my hair that I hightailed it from there (all because I was missing my fat, juicy curls).