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I was invited to a brunch by a group of friends around 2p.m yesterday. On getting there, I observed how most women (mine being the exception) invited, wore suits for an informal affair. I’m of the firm opinion that every woman needs a couple of dresses in their wardrobes or closets whichever applies. Its’ also mind boggling the amount of money ladies spend on these suits. It could serve as my wardrobe budget for two years.

Today I’m introducing “Chic Republic” which aims to address this niche for women across Africa who love dresses and are desirous of unique pieces. Chic Republic is located within the heart of Lagos and accepts orders from women within Africa. I really loved the pieces I saw this morning.

You can place your order by clicking on the following link:

First 25 customers to place an order receive a 5% discount off their purchase. Do note that delivery takes 10 – 15 days only.

Ciao and have a fun filled weekend.

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Paper Dress For Your Tush


Editor’s Note: Photos and behind-the-scenes video are available at:


TOLETTA launches the world’s first couture paper dress made from disposable toilet seat covers.

MARCH 23, 2011 – EDMONTON, ALBERTA. Who says the fashion industry is in the pooper? Today, fashion designer Laura Dreger showcased her talents by making the world’s first couture paper dress from disposable toilet seat covers. Tissues courtesy of TOLETTA – Ottawa manufacturer of luxury paper toilet seat covers.

TOLETTA was recently featured on The Doctors TV Show and in Marie Claire Magazine.

The Doctors TV Show:
Marie Claire Magazine:

“The dress took me over 100 hours to make and required more than 520 seat covers. When the idea was presented to me I said yes because I knew it would be fun and unique. Besides, it’s not every day that I get to be the first in the world to make a paper dress from disposable toilet seat covers.” Said Dreger.

Lindsay Goff, the campaign’s model, is a up and coming fashion model who is competing for Miss Canada 2011 and the face of Lady Venom Cosmetics. Gina Cicero, makeup artist and owner of Lady Venom Cosmetics, handled the art direction, make-up and styling. Amanda Diaz was the photographer, Brad Palomo handled the video production and Kristen Ernst did the hair.

“There’s nothing sexy about public toilets. But when you mix high fashion with a product like this amazing things can happen. As a professional make-up artist, I often work on a set and the only toilet around is usually a nasty public toilet. I carry tolettas in my Louis Vuitton Artsy bag because you never know what’s on that toilet seat. These cute little travel packs are a “must-have” purse accessory.” Said Cicero.

TOLETTA is a niche product that markets to women ages 20-45 who care about their personal hygiene in public bathrooms. A percentage of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research (pink packs) and Child Poverty Awareness (blue packs). Tissues are made from large sheets of 3ply toilet paper which are 20% larger and 42% thicker than other brands plus they’re flushable and biodegradable. Each pack contains 5 toilet seat covers and retails for $2.49 – $3.49 USD.

“Since our company’s launch in 2009, we have already sold more than 40,000 packs and have distribution throughout North America, Europe and Africa. We can now focus on selling into large retail chain stores thanks to our new exclusive distributor for North America – Perma Brands.” Said Caine Ruckstuhl, co-owner TOLETTA.

TOLETTA is available at and can also be purchased from a growing number of retailers across Canada and USA including, Ricky’s NYC and AVEYOU Beauty Boutique. You can also find tolettas in select retailers throughout United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Nigeria, South Africa and Australia.

TOLETTA is the world’s first premium brand of purse sized travel packs of paper toilet seat covers. Tissues are flushable, biodegradable and made from large sheets of 3ply toilet paper. Each seat cover is 20% larger and 42% thicker than other brands. A percentage of the proceeds is donated to social causes (pink for breast cancer and blue for child poverty). TOLETTA is available in 10 countries. For more information visit:

Perma Brands Corporation is a leading developer and distributor of personal care, beauty, bath and gift items in North America. Providing a full range of services, Perma Brands works with retailers to source, supply, distribute and merchandise high quality products. Perma Brands wholesales to retail chains, beauty supply outlets and premium independent retailers. Other products distributed by Perma Brands include: Bentley Organics, Bella Brushes, Kent Brushes and Bronnley Soaps. For more information visit:

Interviews: Laura Dreger, Gina Cicero, Lindsay Goff, Amanda Diaz and Caine Ruckstuhl are available for interviews upon request. Please contact:

Editor’s Note: Photos and behind-the-scenes video are available at:



I finally met with the promoters of TOLETTA within Nigeria. This is an excerpt from the interview.

TodaysNaira: Can you introduce yourself and your organisation to readers of this blog?

Memory Evergreen Enterprise: Memory Evergreen Enterprise is the promoter and registered distributor of TOLETTA within Nigeria. We are the foremost supplier company that provides stylish and effective consumer goods for African women. We are located within the heart of Lagos with a sister branch in Ibadan.

TodaysNaira: Why TOLETTA?

Memory Evergreen Enterprise: Based on earlier research we had made, we discovered that most women within Africa tend to be wary about using public and in some cases, private toilets. As a woman, I often go around with huge wads of tissue papers when using a public toilet. Due to attendant hygiene  and infection issues at these facilities, TOLETTA is the perfect product to tackle this issue. If you have used this product, you’ll observe that it’s handy and portable. A pack will suffice for a day. Inside the pack are 5 premium soft 2ply paper toilet seat covers made with 20% larger and 42% thicker tissue than other products out there. The tissues are flushable, biodegradable and safe in septic tanks (so, you don’t have to worry about destroying the environment).

TodaysNaira: Yes, i’ve used it and was amazed by the wide coverage it had over the toilet seat. It felt comfortable and reassuring knowing I didn’t have to worry about any nasty toilet infection. Why was this product created by the manufacturers?

Memory Evergreen Enterprise: Every woman dreads using the toilet (especially when it’s not your own), because you never know what’s on the toilet seat. This product is meant for women everywhere who are tired of crouching, applying strips of paper, using cheap and flimsy toilet seat covers, TOLETTA is the luxurious alternative.

TodaysNaira: Where can readers of this blog buy TOLETTA?

Memory Evergreen Enterprise:

Currently, you’ll find TOLETTA at the following stores:

  • Multiker Stores @Dream Plaza, Bishop Aboyade Street, Victoria Island.
  • Nova Supermarket@ Muri Okunola Street, Opposite Intercontinental Bank.
  • Mega Plaza Malls@14, Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island.
  • Feedwell Spermarket@22, Old Oyo Road, Mokola.
  • FoodCo Supermarket@ Aare Junction, Bodija Ibadan.
  • Cran Pharmacy & Stores@ Challenge R/about, Ibadan.

TodaysNaira: For interested buyers who are not resident in Lagos or Ibadan, how can they place an order?

MemoryEvergreen Enterprise: They can send an email to: or join our twitter page through this link: TolettaNigeria. Joining our twitter page is a much faster means of reaching us and it enables our staff to attend to issues regarding shipping, purchase and general consumer feedbacks.

Todays Naira: So tell us, who are your target audience?

Memory Evergreen Enterprise: Women on the go, Students, Children, Eateries,  Schools, Religious Organisations, Airlines…we’re not restricting product use to a particular gender or sector. You’ll be surprised that we’ve received purchase orders from men as well. It was made for life’s sudden emergencies.

TodaysNaira: What about interested buyers outside Nigeria? Do you intend selling this brand to them?

MemoryEvergreen Enterprise: Oh yes we do. Currently, we’re in Southern Africa and we intend to reach other parts of Africa very soon. So, if you’re resident in any African country and interested in becoming our flagship product retailer or brand ambassador, please get in touch with us through the following link- TolettaNigeria.

TodaysNaira: It has been quite informative and nice meeting you and getting to know the TOLETTA brand. I wish you all the very best.

Memory Evergreen Enterprise: Thank you for having us on your blog to educate women about adopting an healthy lifestyle.

Note: Today’s Naira has been appointed by Memory Evergreen Enterprise (promoters of TOLETTA) as its’ social media platform.