The difference between Instant & Deep Conditioners

What’s on your hair? If it’s healthy, shiny, and growing, chances are you’re using the right conditioning treatments. But if you’re still seeking that wholesome sheen and length, you probably need this ultimate guide to conditioning hair. Here’s everything you need to know!
Rinse-Through Conditioners
Also known as instant conditioners, these lightweight treatments are applied to the hair immediately after shampooing and rinsed out after a few (2 to 10) minutes. You will usually see more shine and softness immediately, but the results probably won’t last more than a couple of days; this is because instant conditioners simply leave trace amounts of key ingredients on the hair shaft, kind of like an oil spot on concrete. These conditioners can help build volume, manage tangles, and moisturize hair, temporarily. Rinse-out conditioning is best when you just need locks to look better in a hurry, and can be done after any and every shampoo. If you have fine hair that is easily weighed down, try applying a rinse-out treatment before washing hair.

Protein Conditioners
A special kind of rinse-through conditioner for stressed or damaged manes. Good protein conditioners contain keratin, the same protein your hair is made of, and other strengthening ingredients that help fill in cracks in the hair cuticle, fortifying strands to beat breakage and shedding. Think of them as the glue that holds your hair together.
A word of caution, though: just like glue, protein conditioners alone can leave hair hard and brittle. It’s important to seal the newly-rebuilt hair cuticle with a moisturizing conditioner of some sort, especially for kinky or curly hair; the layer of moisture will help keep hair soft and manageable. (Consider this a follow-up layer of varnish.) As a result, protein conditioners should not be applied more than twice a month, even for the most damaged tresses.

Deep Treatments
Deep conditioners are an absolute must for dry, processed, and curlier hair types. These penetrating formulas are made to last, moisturizing tresses for a much longer time than instant treatments. Deep conditioning treatments soak into the hair shaft over 30 to 45 minutes or more, helping correct and prevent all kinds of mane problems including shedding, split ends, breakage, slow growth, and dullness. Apply these with a heating cap up to once per week and allow both strengthening and silkening ingredients to hydrate your hair from the inside out.

Hot-Oil Treatments
Using the right oils can help reinvigorate hair, adding flexibility to locks fried from blow-drying, flat ironing, or hot curling. The best route is to apply oils to dry strands, cover with a shower cap or plastic bag, and let your body heat drive the natural proteins and moisturizers into your now-open hair cuticles.

Examples of Deep Conditioners Are:
ORS Replenishing Conditioner (Mild Protein, Moisturizing)
Shea Moisture Deep Penetrating Masque (Moisture)
ORS or Organics Mayo Conditioner (Light Protein)
Queen Helene’s Cholesterol (Moisture)
Hairveda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioning Masque
Silk Dreams Vanilla Moisture
Silk Dreams Shea What
Avocado Pudding Silky Creme
Mocha Silk Infusion
Destination Hydration
Kanechom deep conditioning range

Now what is an Instant Conditioner?
Aussie Moist
Herbal Essence Hello Hydration & Tussle Me Softly
Tresseme Naturals
Tresseme Curl Hydration
Suave Naturals Coconut Conditioner

So start preparing for the hair you want today.

2013 Key Hair Learning

Happy New Year everyone!!! I had to get that off my chest before the month creeps by once more. So how was your Xmas break and New Year celebration? Trust you all had a blast cos I sure did. Thanks to everyone I’ve had the opportunity of becoming friends with via this platform. It’s being such a joy getting to meet and develop friendships with you all.

If there’s one key learning in 2013 for me, it was the power of deep conditioning. By imbibing this weekly practice, I went from limp, thin hair to thick, lush strands by year end. Deep conditioning has been an eye opener for me in the year 2013. I got so much leverage from this life changing habit and by the second half of the year, I had ladies within my office commenting on how thick and vibrant my hair was. Also got a lot of compliment from my male colleagues as well. Deep conditioning also aided in retaining length as my hair grew longer. That is one habit I intend to adhere strictly to in 2014. Co-washing is yet to feature regularly due to my busy schedule during the week. However, I’ve pushed my wash day to Friday and I only spend 3 hours vs the endless number of hours I usually spend on Saturdays. Let’s see how this goes once work starts in earnest.

Do I have hair goals? Sure I do. My year end goal is Mid-back length and I’m rolling with the punches to see where this ride takes me. I’ll be incorporating new products such as Rosemary Oil in my hair regimen but other than that, roller setting must be a part of my hair journey this year cos I miss my huge bouncy curls. The inversion technique is also going to be a monthly staple as well.
See my results below (this was done last week):


I’m outta here…. Have a great weekend ladies.

The Egg Thingy

20131203-213929.jpgAt the start of my hair journey, I had conducted some basic research and saw how a lot of ladies were touting the egg/mayonnaise mix. Due to ignorance, I had gone ahead to try out this home made mix not realizing what I had gotten myself into.

Till today, I still can’t forget the excessive amount of breakage I had. It was so bad that it didn’t matter whether I combed my hair or not, there was hair everywhere in my house. Bedroom, bathroom, living room name it…my hair was practically breaking. I was so scared that I thought of putting a stop to the hair journey thingy but I knew I owed it to myself to find the root cause.

So I went back online to conduct an in-depth research and what I found solved the issue. What most ladies don’t understand about the egg/mayonnaise mix is that egg is the hardest form of protein available. As a result, it is important you check the protein level of your hair before you decide to try this type of homemade recipe. I still see this mix being touted online without warning ladies about the outcome.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about protein/moisture balance, then don’t be so quick to adopt the egg routine. Until you have gotten a hang about your hair regimen, be careful with the egg mix. Egg (particularly the yolk) is very high in protein and this protein can help to strengthen the hair as it is readily absorbed into the hair shaft.

When the hair has been previously chemically treated, the egg will absorb faster still, and will react with the hair rapidly. What you eventually end up with is over-exposure to protein treatment. The hair is made coarser and harder, and in the case of egg the hair can be discolored by the pigment of the yolk which has bonded to the hair. The golden colour of the yolk will leave black hair with a brownish cast to it under direct lighting. The solution is not simple. Surest cure is time and do take care not to make the same mistake again.

Get a clarifying shampoo and use it every 3rd shampoo. This will help remove surface residue from the hair and should help your hair return to normal faster. Just be sure to use a moisturizing conditioner after using the clarifying shampoo. Use a mixture of 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 3.5 cups of water as a rinse on the hair after shampooing and conditioning.



Wash Day Diary

20131020-144447.jpg1. Prepoo’d overnight with a mix of Aubrey GBP Conditioner & JBCO.

2. Rinsed out in the morning and proceeded to shampoo in sections with Suave Daily Clarifying and used Ion Smoothing Conditioner for 2 minutes before rinsing off.

3. Skipped the green tea rinse as I forgot to boil the tea on Friday night.

4. Deep condition with Kanechom Acai, Roux Porosity & Peppermint oil, covered my hair with a shower cap and used my Gold N Hot Heat cap for 30minutes. Left it on for an additional 5minutes to cool off before rinsing out.

5. Wrapped my hair for 15minutes with a cotton towel. Sealed with Grapeseed oil, Biolage Advanced Matrix Fibrestrong & Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum.

6. Proceeded to bun my hair to stretch the dense growth I’ve got going on.

On a lighter note, I’ve been engrossed in a series of short films currently airing on Channel 158 DSTV. These films are produced by M-net and they are quite interesting. Watched a recent one about this male banker who’s a gigolo due to the monthly targets set for him by his boss. It was really hilarious watching how he became a pawn in a game set up by his own boss.

Have a splendid week ahead and Compliments of the Season. Yeah..I’m in that mood already and slowly winding down for the year. I’ve got this huge white Xmas tree in the corner of my living room all lit up and rearing to go. I’m dedicating this favorite Xmas song of mine to you all.

Video Source: YouTube

Stretch Update

I finally checked my calendar today to know how far I’ve gone as this is my longest stretch ever cos I just clocked 20weeks today and still have 7weeks to go before touching up. Growth has been amazing and the thickness is simply out of this world.

Incorporating the use of wigs has made this stretch an easier one compared to the last stretch cos I really don’t have to do much with my hair. To prevent dryness, I wear my satin cap before using the wig cap as I’ve observed that using the wig cap without a buffer such as a satin bonnet results in your hair being stripped of moisture which eventually leads to breakage.

To protect my ends, I have incorporated Nadeges’ tips on adding protein to my ends during deep conditioning sessions to prevent thinning ends and ultimately aid length retention as well. If I’m using a moisturizing deep conditioner, what I do is to scoop a bit and mix with any protein deep conditioner I’ve got and apply to my ends alone. For my roots, I apply the moisturizing deep conditioner only.

So far the results have been great and my ends are looking pretty good.

Wash day diary

Products used: Peppermint oil, Sunny Isle Castor oil, Mane N Tail Detangler, Kanechom Acai deep conditioner, Biolage Advanced Matrix Fibrestrong, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo, Ion Keratin Smoothing conditioner & Chi Silk Infusion.

1. Commenced by detangling in sections with Mane N Tail Detangler (this is the go to product when you’re on a long stretch) works its magic on tangled strands.
2. Applied JBCO to my scalp & coated my lengths with it. Covered my hair with a shower cap, satin bonnet.
3. In the morning, I washed in sections with Suave Clarifying shampoo, rinsed and applied Ion Smoothing conditioner. Waited for 2 minutes before rinsing off.
4. Wrapped my hair in cotton towel for 10 minutes before spraying my green tea mix liberally in sections. Left to dry out completely before applying my deep conditioner mix.


I was a bit spoilt for choice on which of the Kanechom conditioners I’ll use but at the end of the day, I decided on Kanechom Acai deep conditioner. This deep conditioner contains a lot of fruit extracts and is deeply moisturizing.

As you can see in the picture above, the jar is filled to the brim and if you’re not careful when opening it, it’ll result in a spill. Ladies, a little of this goes a long way. I scooped and mixed it with Roux Porosity, JBCO & Peppermint oil and proceeded to apply in sections. Immediately I was struck about how my hair absorbed this mix and I got instant slip at once cos I was able to finger comb my hair from ends to root as the conditioner resolved all tangle issues. I can’t rave enough about the kind of slip I got till you try it out yourself.
Anyway, I covered my hair with a shower cap & left it on for an hour (PHCN) had done their thing.
5. After an hour, rinsed off the mix and this was the result I got…beautiful defined hair. I couldn’t be more pleased.
6. Proceeded to seal in moisture with jojoba oil & Biolage matrix advanced fibre strong. Applied Chi Silk infusion in section and blow dried using the tension method.

Pictures are below. I’m wearing my hair out today. My hairs’ thickness is amazing.




Hair Tip

burning hair

If you’re going to be using heat in any form to tame your hair or you just want to wear your hair out, keep the following in mind.

Hair dryers and curling irons can create water bubbles inside your hair that damages the hair shaft. This leaves your hair strands feeling rough and keeps them from sliding smoothly off one another. Before using those heat tools, make sure they have temperature controls and stick to low or medium settings. Also endeavor to use a heat protecting serum to buffer the damage and invest in moisture-replenishing shampoos, deep conditioners and moisture replenishing leave-in conditioners.