Reader’s Q&A


Q: I have always gone to the salon to steam my hair using their own herbal mix (though I’m not sure of it’s ingredients). It has always resulted in excessive breakage. What am I doing wrong?


A: It is important to ask questions about the products being used on your hair whenever you go to the salon for deep conditioning. Some Salons often try to persuade their clients to use a mix of herbal concocted mix claiming it’ll solve all hair issues. It is left to you to speak up and demand to know what ingredients were mixed together (just in case the jar has no specific product label on it). If they decline to furnish you with information, kindly pull the plug and refuse to use such mix.

It will be better if you will purchase your deep conditioners and carry them to the salon with you. When I’m going to the salon, I often go with my bag which consists of the following:
* My heat cap for deep conditioning
* Deep conditioner
* Natural Oils
* Leave-in Conditioner
* Sulfate Free Shampoo
* Hercules Sagemann Rake & Styling Combs for detangling, roller setting

Your hair will thrive when you go to the salon with your own product rather than use products you’re not sure of.

Enjoy the weekend ladies!

2011 Expectations

Wow it’s 2011 and at Today’s Naira, we’re thankful that we made it into the new year. We also thank our readers who made 2010 a fantastic year for us. In 2011, we’re mapping out new ways of keeping you informed and aware about important decisions you will need to take during the year. We need to re-educate our minds on the importance of imbibing financial frugality, investing wisely and saving for the rainy days.

So, what are your new year resolutions? Are they different from last year? I have put an hold on resolutions. Rather I always write down my goals and objectives for the year in the recess of my mind. That way, I tend to achieve my goals more quickly. Last years’ goals were all achieved short of all and I hope to nil this one in 2011.

For 2011 these are our plans for our readers:

  • We intend to highlight on a monthly basis, entrepreneurs in different fields with special emphasis on SMEs (small scale & medium enterprises). If you are a business owner and would like us to showcase your ideas and business on this page, do get in touch with us.
  • We’re also searching for individuals who’d like to intern with us by writing an article on various informative fields. Think you’re the one, give us a buzz.
  • You have a great product and would want to get the word out via ‘product reviews’, then you should be talking to us.
  • Above all in 2011, we’re getting back into financial shape and all the resources you require will be provided on this page.

Adios and we’re out.

Dust your butts and get cracking

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful is the opportunity to obtain information at the right time. If you are an African woman desirous of owning and running a successful business, this is the time to do it now. Enter for the 2010 Business plan competition organised by BiD Network and realise your dreams.

Last month, I applied for  the ‘Getting African Businesses Online’  initiative organised by Google Nigeria in conjunction with other organisations and my application was successful. My business model was selected amongst 199 successful applicants. So, wish me luck as we commence the second phase of this initiative.


I finally met with the promoters of TOLETTA within Nigeria. This is an excerpt from the interview.

TodaysNaira: Can you introduce yourself and your organisation to readers of this blog?

Memory Evergreen Enterprise: Memory Evergreen Enterprise is the promoter and registered distributor of TOLETTA within Nigeria. We are the foremost supplier company that provides stylish and effective consumer goods for African women. We are located within the heart of Lagos with a sister branch in Ibadan.

TodaysNaira: Why TOLETTA?

Memory Evergreen Enterprise: Based on earlier research we had made, we discovered that most women within Africa tend to be wary about using public and in some cases, private toilets. As a woman, I often go around with huge wads of tissue papers when using a public toilet. Due to attendant hygiene  and infection issues at these facilities, TOLETTA is the perfect product to tackle this issue. If you have used this product, you’ll observe that it’s handy and portable. A pack will suffice for a day. Inside the pack are 5 premium soft 2ply paper toilet seat covers made with 20% larger and 42% thicker tissue than other products out there. The tissues are flushable, biodegradable and safe in septic tanks (so, you don’t have to worry about destroying the environment).

TodaysNaira: Yes, i’ve used it and was amazed by the wide coverage it had over the toilet seat. It felt comfortable and reassuring knowing I didn’t have to worry about any nasty toilet infection. Why was this product created by the manufacturers?

Memory Evergreen Enterprise: Every woman dreads using the toilet (especially when it’s not your own), because you never know what’s on the toilet seat. This product is meant for women everywhere who are tired of crouching, applying strips of paper, using cheap and flimsy toilet seat covers, TOLETTA is the luxurious alternative.

TodaysNaira: Where can readers of this blog buy TOLETTA?

Memory Evergreen Enterprise:

Currently, you’ll find TOLETTA at the following stores:

  • Multiker Stores @Dream Plaza, Bishop Aboyade Street, Victoria Island.
  • Nova Supermarket@ Muri Okunola Street, Opposite Intercontinental Bank.
  • Mega Plaza Malls@14, Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island.
  • Feedwell Spermarket@22, Old Oyo Road, Mokola.
  • FoodCo Supermarket@ Aare Junction, Bodija Ibadan.
  • Cran Pharmacy & Stores@ Challenge R/about, Ibadan.

TodaysNaira: For interested buyers who are not resident in Lagos or Ibadan, how can they place an order?

MemoryEvergreen Enterprise: They can send an email to: or join our twitter page through this link: TolettaNigeria. Joining our twitter page is a much faster means of reaching us and it enables our staff to attend to issues regarding shipping, purchase and general consumer feedbacks.

Todays Naira: So tell us, who are your target audience?

Memory Evergreen Enterprise: Women on the go, Students, Children, Eateries,  Schools, Religious Organisations, Airlines…we’re not restricting product use to a particular gender or sector. You’ll be surprised that we’ve received purchase orders from men as well. It was made for life’s sudden emergencies.

TodaysNaira: What about interested buyers outside Nigeria? Do you intend selling this brand to them?

MemoryEvergreen Enterprise: Oh yes we do. Currently, we’re in Southern Africa and we intend to reach other parts of Africa very soon. So, if you’re resident in any African country and interested in becoming our flagship product retailer or brand ambassador, please get in touch with us through the following link- TolettaNigeria.

TodaysNaira: It has been quite informative and nice meeting you and getting to know the TOLETTA brand. I wish you all the very best.

Memory Evergreen Enterprise: Thank you for having us on your blog to educate women about adopting an healthy lifestyle.

Note: Today’s Naira has been appointed by Memory Evergreen Enterprise (promoters of TOLETTA) as its’ social media platform.

Parochial Interests

One of the wonderful things about children is their ability not to worry. They’ve got no care in the world and are happy to take one day at a time. Now that I have two children ( and one on the way) by proxy through my sister, I see how important it is to keep them in that safe bubble.

When I was younger (in my teens), I never realized the full import of elections. Pursuing self-interest was the major past-time. Now, i’m much older and wiser. I realize the need and importance of elections. I know why it is important to participate in the coming elections in January 2011.

I read in the news today about a 52 year old US returnee pharmacist, who decided to sustain his political ambition by smuggling cocaine through the International Airport.  Agitation for self rule, resource control, civil unrest globally is driven by limited access to economic power.  Karl Marx has often been quoted as stating that “Religion is the opium of the people”. I couldn’t agree more. When people are limited economically, it limits the ability to take vital decisions. We’re such a religious country…so freaking religious, it amazes me how we can endure so much. Some people reading this might attribute it to the “Naija Spirit”. I beg to differ. Our search for a daily dough has dulled our inner sensibilities we’d prefer to sell our soul to the devil if salvation (in terms of material wealth) lies with him.

On the other hand, economic power is no power if it’s not backed by an effective political power that translates into respect for the power to vote. Voters registration will soon kick off. What are you doing in terms of registration? Are you going to participate or adopt a siddon look while corrupt officials trample the corridors of power? I’m not sure what our religious leaders are doing. They also need to join the campaign towards fair elections come 2011. They need to preach the interrelated links between political and economic power rather than asking us to cast our gaze upon heaven. More emphasis should be based on educating people rather than asking for seeds and more seeds.

The world might not end anytime soon. For those of us who are bent on storing heavenly treasures, please carry on. However, remember you have a duty to leave the world a bit better for upcoming generations.

Always 8 Hours No check- Please do check, check

I recently saw the T.V. ad for Always Sanitary Towels. It was quite fresh and innovative using school girls to reinforce the ‘No Check, Check’ tagline. I have also seen this campaign at convenience and grocery stores located within the metropolis.

I think this tagline is more appropriate for women with light menstrual flow. For women with heavier menstrual flow (such as me), please do check, check and check often as you can. I have used all the various Always sanitary pads that have evolved over the years within Nigeria. However, this new sanitary pads ain’t working for me. Oftentimes, I have to go about with four individual wrapped packs. I also have to contend with rushing to the nearest convenience every two hours due to my heavy menstrual flow. I assume the functionality of the wings is to protect the panties but it affords little or no protection.

Most times, you’ll find me sitting in my car with a stack of paper on my seat trying to prevent irremovable blood stains. Friends have suggested that I opt for the thicker pads but I shudder at the thought. Imagine wedging such a bulky thingy in my personal regions, i’d have to assume a particular walking gait throughout my monthly cycles. Trust me, I have tried it before and it was uncomfortable. I’d really prefer if P&G can be more innovative with sanitary pads for women with heavy flow. It would put an end to countless trips to the toilets; asking a friend to check my behind and stop the endless mental cursing that occurs if you are unfortunate to be on a field visit and you cannot find a convenient place to change your towels.

For now, I’ll check, check and check all day long.