On The March Again


The picture above represents the neighbourhood this morning. Today we troop out to elect Nigeria’s president. On my way to the accreditation centre this morning, I met a couple of early morning jogging individuals. You can spot them out in the background of the picture posted above.

It struck me how important this year’s elections will be and how similar it is to being summoned for jury duties.

I roused my sister up this morning to exercise her civic duties as well. On my way, I met a man discussing with someone on the phone about how important it was to vote for change by coming out to fulfil this civic duty.


On reaching the accreditation centre, I saw people trickling in to vote. While the turnout for a vicinity like Magodo might not be large due to voters apathy, I was glad that others took this opportunity seriously. Accreditation was conducted within five minutes.


Think about it. For the past 12years, we have complained about the poor state of infrastructure within the country. We’ve also criticised the government of the day for not providing an enabling environment where entrepreneurial activities can thrive. Now the opportunity has arrived and some people choose to adopt a “Siddon” look.

No way am I going to adopt such a pessimistic view. I have a duty to perform and I’m going to do that today. What about you?