Introducing The Hair City


Yay it’s official!!! If you’re one of those women or girls desirous of achieving healthy and longer hair(whether its’ relaxed or natural), it’s our pleasure to introduce ‘The Hair City‘ to you. Hair City offers you the platform to place orders for all your hair needs. Basically, we’re here to provide products you don’t get to see or buy regularly within our shores. For  women who’re currently on their hair journeys, we will be providing answers to some of the deep rooted fears you have had over the years about African hair. Our products are available and guaranteed to deliver results. Remember growing your hair to the desired length takes time, patience and effort.

If you’d like to see what we have currently in stock, click here

We deliver via EMS Speedpost and for residents within Lagos, it takes a single day for delivery while inter-state takes 2-3 working days. Alternatively, you can call us on 07026364892 for further questions and clarifications about your hair matters.

Today I’ll be addressing questions some readers have sent.

Q: Does hair only grow when you’re asleep? That’s pure myth playing out here. The answer is ‘No’. What your hair requires to grow is moisture and only moisture alone. Moisture happens when you deep condition, apply leave-in. Often times, I use green tea as a leave-in while using grape seed oil to lock in the moisture. Green tea is effective in stimulating your hair follicles and it promotes hair growth & shine while preventing split ends.

Q: Can castor oil be used for receding hairline in relaxed African hair? Yes it can.

Q: How to use Jamaican black castor oil on receding hairline? Dab a bit of castor oil on the affected area and massage your scalp three times weekly.

Q: How long does it take to see a difference using Jamaican black castor oil on receding hairline?
Within 3 months, you’ll see changes. Please be consistent and patient while using castor oil.
I’ve been using it & seen remarkable changes.

Q: Where can I purchase Jamaican black castor oil in Lagos? Send a mail to to place your order.

Q: I’m in Ghana. Where can I purchase Mane N’ Tail products? Send a mail to to place your order.

Q: Where can I purchase Elasta QP Olive & Mango moisturizing butter? Send a mail to to place your order.

Tea Rinses

20130424-113550.jpg20130324-183445.jpg For the past 2months, I’ve been reading up on the benefits of tea rinses for the hair (especially black and green tea). I decided to incorporate it into my hair regimen to test its’ efficacy.

As a rinse in, I really didn’t see the benefit. However, after reading up on another blog about the benefits of using it as a leave-in, I decided to give it a try. On my last wash day, I decided to use green tea instead of black tea. I had earlier watched Tressbuzz deep conditioning treatment on dry hair using tea. I adopted that strategy as well and my hair lapped up the moisture.

Using green tea as a leave-in:

> Boil 2 tea bags and allow to steep overnight.

> Pour tea into an empty trigger spray bottle

Once my hair is 80% dry after deep conditioning, I part my hair into 5 sections (the reason why I now part into 5 sections is due to my nape, which is way shorter than the rest of my hair. I’m paying special attention to my nape to keep it moisturized, thereby achieving growth and length retention). I’m currently 12weeks into my stretch and aiming for 21 weeks before retouching. I spray one section at a time and pay special attention to my scalp and massage the tea onto my scalp and the entire length without drenching. I then apply Elasta QP moisturizing butter & Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum & seal with either castor or grapeseed oil. Voila! my hair (including my new growth) remains soft and retains moisture all week. I also experience minimal shedding i.e. 2- 5 hair strands.

Have a great weekend ahead!!! Tomorrow is my wash day as I co-washed during the week on Wednesday. Will provide an update about the co-washing thingy soon.