Product Junky Rears Up

What have I been up to? Soaking up the sun and reading up on some new Agatha Christie novels I stumbled upon on the Apple Store. I’ve also been indulging in this as well:




Too many pictures to sort out but I’ll eventually get to them hopefully. Got these beauties at the nearest Trader Joe store and some other items as well. They’ve got a whole bunch of organic produce and it’s like been in a candy store or one of those Italian ice cream stores where you’re spoilt for choice. How have I been maintaining my hair? Weather has not been so humid and I know I did inform F I’ll be going to the salon for ghana weaves. However, I found something much better while going through my mom’s old picture.

If you’ve been watching ‘Broken Angel’ on Telemundo, you’ll be familiar with ‘Mara’ who’s in love with ‘Arturo’ but they can’t be together due to his mom’s ingrained issues with racism.

Its also airing on Telemundo over here so I’m not missing anything at the moment. I had gone to the salon and requested for the smallest rollers they’ve got. The stylist took her time to work on my hair dividing it into tiny sections…doused my hair with lotta body and chi silk infusion and voila….Afro is back in style. 3times weekly, I apply the coconut oil from Trader’s Joe on my palm, rub and apply to my Afro focusing on the ends alone.

These beauties from Trader’s Joe will be available soon. For ladies who’ve been requesting for Hairveda Sitrinillah, it’s available and you can place your orders. Same goes for the ladies who are interested in Naturellegrow.
Have a fun filled weekend.

Old Wives Tail

Last month, the team behind ‘Old Wives Tail’ reached out to me about their wide range of handmade, organic products. I was given the option of selecting the products I wanted to review. I selected the ‘Argan & Rosemary Treatment’ which is a deep conditioning treatment and one of the oils as well (can’t remember the particular one I chose).


It came in these amber jars and it arrived yesterday. It was actually brought to my house by the NIPOST delivery man. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about our postal service but my experience with them has always been wonderful. I’ll be trying this set out soon and will post my reviews. So what do we know about Old Wives Tail?

Old Wives Tail is a small hair care company selling handmade organic hair care products – absolutely no additives or chemicals. We aim to nourish your hair back to life the Latino way with our unique blend of oils. Our main lifetime goal is to eradicate animal testing in the beauty industry and 10% of our profits go to charities that save animals from being tested upon. Love your pets, love the environment and love your hair naturally with OWT! The best thing Is they offer free delivery irrespective of where you’re ordering from.

Old Wives Tail will be hosting a giveaway soon on this page. Keep your eyes glued to this page. Visit their website today @

Readers’ Q&A

Hello Everyone. How was the weekend? Mine was busy with lots of traveling thrown in between and it’s great to be back. So it’s time to answer your emails.


Q: What has made the difference since you commenced your hair journey?
A: The biggest difference has been regular deep conditioning. Without deep conditioning, it would have been impossible to retain length and achieve thicker hair. Nowadays, I abide by the principle of ‘less is more’. The only thing I add to my deep conditioning staple is a cap of Roux Porosity Control. Adhering to a consistent hair regimen has aided growth as well.

Q: When should I apply my tea rinse?
A: Your tea rinse must be applied after washing your hair prior to deep conditioning. The essence of using a tea rinse is to minimize the incidence of shedding.

Q: How long will it take me to grow my hair from BSL to MBL?
A: if you’ve achieved bra strap length already, you’ve done a darn good job. Timelines for hitting particular length goals are different for each individual based on your monthly growth rate. The most important thing is to stick to what has brought you this far and hopefully, you’ll reach mid back length soon. Just do it at a pace you’re comfortable with and take care of your ends.

Have a great week ahead.


First Impressions: Naturellegrow Intense Deep Conditioner


Over the weekend I loosened my braids. I’ve been itching to try out the Naturellegrow deep conditioner range as I wanted to have another staple moisturizing deep conditioner besides Hairveda Sitrinillah. This deep conditioner range is available in 16oz jars and its filled to the brim. It’s a lot thicker than Hairveda Sitrinillah and a little goes a long way. From the ingredients listed, you’ve got a mix of herbal extracts such as Marshmallow roots, Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint water e.t.c.

I had gone to the salon I use regularly for relaxer touch up sessions to wash my hair and it’s always a pleasure when stylists listen to instructions. Once I was done washing, I applied the tea rinse and waited for the rinse to dry out before applying the ‘Intense Deep Conditioner’. I applied in sections and upon application, I could feel my scalp tingle which must be due to the peppermint infusion. I covered my hair with a shower cap and sat under my heat cap for 45 minutes. Once time was up, I waited for an extra 15minutes to allow the heat cool down before rinsing out.

The results were fantastic. My hair was soft, fluffy and moisturized. The guy who handles my hair regularly kept taking second glances at the deep conditioner asking if these are the products I’m using regularly as my hair is thriving. Detangling was a breeze and I rollerset using my staple combs from Hercules Sagemann. What products did I use for rollersetting? Oh it was a mix of lotta body and Chi Silk Infusion which was my leave in for the day. It was fantastic and the combo resulted in sleek, bouncy curls.


Today is Tuesday and my hair is still soft and fluffy. Naturellegrow is a keeper.

Readers’ Q&A


Ladies! How’re you all? Trust everyone is doing great. I’ve been busy for the past couple of weeks on some other matters. I also needed a break to rest as this is summer and we all need some time away on vacation. To ladies who’ve been asking if the Hairveda product samples have arrived. No we are yet to receive and you’ll be the first to know once it arrives.

So back to the question for today..

Q: Why can’t I use essential oils alone on my scalp and hair?

A: One thing that you must remember about essential oils is not to use them undiluted! They are usually very strong and, if overused, can cause serious skin burns as well as other health issues (such as high blood pressure, headaches and so on). People with high blood pressure should avoid using rosemary oil.

Now, for hundreds of years people have been using EOs to treat hair loss. Most people either mix 1-3 drops of their favorite EO into shampoo/conditioner or add some to their pre-shampoo oil treatments.

Another thing about EOs that seems to come up time and time again is that they work best when used in conjunction with other oils. Moderation is key when using essential oils. You must take care.