Tipping Point

Have we reached a tipping point in this country? Do you think we have gotten to a stage, where we are thinking about how to solve problems for our common good? I think so but I don’t know what you think regarding this. While the momentum is gathering beind the strategies being devised by the presidents’wife (Turai), it is left for us to decisively engage in a discourse that will ensure a better tomorrow for our children.

We must continually strive for a better country in as much as the world has not come to an end. We cannot allow a few selfish individuals to dominate the affairs of our beloved Nigeria. Today as we go out, let’s have that at the back of our mind.

On a lighter note, after ten years since the release of Lover’s Rock, Sade is back with ‘Soldier of Love’. Grab a copy and immerse your senses in her soothing, sensual and lyrical world. My best track apart from Soldier of Love is ‘Babyfather’. Have a wonderful weekend peeps.

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