Today on my way to work, I listened to Star 101.5 FM and had the pleasure of hearing Mofe Oyatogun (OAP) on the early morning belt, speak about how important it is to work towards your goals in life no matter the challenges you may face. Within the past couple of months, she’s been able to take a tour of her top travel destinations.

My discourse this morning is not about travel destinations but how we can take a cue from Mofe and achieve our own goals as well. One of the goals I had last year was a change of job because I felt the time had come to challenge myself in a new field that’s not related to the industry I work with. Every morning I would spare a glance at the stick it note on my wardrobe to remind myself of my next step in life. That was the only goal I could not achieve in 2010 though I was invited for some job interviews which led to nowhere. This is 2011 and in a couple of weeks, i’ll be resuming at a new organization which offers greater challenges in managing a global household brand. I’m excited and it brings to mind the popular maxim that you have to demand from life whatever you want.

Life might throw a couple of spanners across your way but eventually it’ll give you what you want. I’ll be on a much needed vacation as from 1st of June and won’t be back till July. However, you can check back for my travel logs and pictures of the tourist attractions i’ll be visiting. Ciao.

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