Transition Period

Hello Peeps, I have not been around for some time. I was away for a training in Lagos on ‘Account Business Competencies’. Saying I learnt a lot is an understatement. I now understand why most people who have had a successful career with multinationals become consultants. It gave me the opportunity to understand and manage large retail chains effectively.

Yesterday, I was at a retail chain in Bodija, to submit our proposal and drop a sample pack of our product. I went through the process outlined during the training. After the product presentation, I knew we had a huge chance of our product featuring within the outlet. I was told to come back today and upon arrival, I had to conduct another presentation to the outlet manager. Suffice to say, they placed an order for 48packs. On monday, we had also conducted another proposal submission at a large retail chain on the island. They placed an order for 24packs immediately.

To top it all, we’ve been receiving inquires from our target audience on where they can purchase this unique brand. We’ve also commenced home and office deliveries for large orders. The journey has been exciting and challenging but it’ll be more eventful as we encounter more success and mistakes in building brand equity amongst our target audience.

In dealing with large retail chains, I have learnt to be diplomatic, give helpful suggestions that would drive consumer demand not only for our brand but other similar brands within an outlet. I have also learnt the importance and usefulness of floor staffs within an outlet. They can make or mar acceptance of new products. Peeps, I’m off…

2 thoughts on “Transition Period

  1. Nan says:

    You’ve scaled a major obstacle there Jan; convincing potential clients your product is of value to THEM. Congrats! That takes perseverance and a lot of patience. Now, you just sit back and wait for them to call you, mark my word, hehe… hmm…. 2010 is looking great already, 🙂

  2. January says:

    Ha Nan!…perseverance is indeed an understatement. Thank you for your kind words. It took some meandering to get to this point. I can only believe that 2010 will be greater. Have a splendid holiday.

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