What is your biggest Naira spend?

I am a lover of lingerie. The colorful, the merrier…often times, I indulge in an unbridled shopping spree. For me, this is my biggest Naira spend since I dedicate between $400 – $600 on an annual basis for this specialty item. Why lingerie, you may ask? I don’t know but I guess I’ve always loved clean, sexy underwear. I remember an article I read when I was young, discussing the importance of good dressing starting from beneath. Imagine if you have to be in the hospital for one reason or the other, how embarrased will you be when all of a sudden, as you’re about to take off your clothes or otherwise, you suddenly remember the awful, torn and worn pair of underwear you have on.

That article made quite an impression on me as a young girl and since then, I’ve ensured that no matter how small, I always set aside a special lingerie fund. Don’t think I haven’t received lots of flak for this cos my close friends and sisters think i’m actually crazy to spend such amounts on a pair of bra, panties, bustiers and corsets that no one gets to see on a regular basis. Hey, a girl has got to have fun and putting on a great pair of lingerie is soul therapy for me. How bad is this? I don’t know but from my own viewpoint, what is the point of putting on gorgeous clothes when you have on hideous underwear beneath? It’s completely outrageous. Oftentimes, when i’m on vacation, I have forgone a dress or a lovely pair of shoes just to buy lingerie. I’ve had several arguments about this issue but i’m not budging on the importance of good hygiene which starts from a pair of great looking lingerie.

My second biggest spend would have to be Sleepwear cos I think it’s always nice to dress up when you’re going to bed. I’m a lover of La Senza, Women’s Secrets, Vanity Fair, M&S, Bendon Lingerie, Woolworth, Intimissimi, Ann Summers and a whole lot of other great stores out there. For me, I do not compromise on quality so I can be sure that what I buy will last for ages. While considering this in terms of the recent global recession, i’ve decided to reduce my lingerie budget to $250 maximum so I can focus on other greater priorities I’ve got ahead of me in 2009. In the coming year, we have got to be realistic about how much to spend and what is actually available so that we do not end up buying more than we can chew. So, what is your biggest Naira spend?

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