Detangling Aid


I’ve had the tangle teezer for a year now and I recently commenced usage. I bought it on and somehow, the first package got missing in transit. I had to notify them before a replacement pack was sent which I took delivery of via NIPOST. I had made this purchase before reading up on the reviews online. The reviews were not too positive and I ended up not using it until recently. The turning point was my hair…as this Texlaxed hair became thicker and longer, my Hercules Sageman rake comb was not just enough as I’ve got curly strands that tend to misbehave when left unattended.
3 weeks ago while wondering how to detangle 2.5 inches of new growth without causing breakage at the line of demarcation, the light bulb suddenly went on

20140924-211401.jpg and I decided to make use of the tangle teezer.

I commenced by dividing my hair into tiny sections and spraying liberally with ‘Mane N Tail Detangler’, proceeded to massage before combing, starting from the tips to the roots with the Sageman rake comb. To combat the tangling at the roots, I lightly applied the tension method and proceeded to comb out each kink with the Teezer. Need I say more, it did such a fantastic job that it now occupies a place of pride amongst my hair tools. Using this tool once I’ve applied Eco Styler gel on my edges is a breeze. I’m not heavy handed when using it, I apply it lightly and so far so good, no hair loss at my edges. It’s made my detangling sessions much more easier.

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