Benefits of Deep Conditioning


If you are skipping deep treating your hair, you are likely not seeing the kind of results you hope for.  Deep treating the hair simply refers to the use of deep conditioners or oils that are used for a prolonged period on the hair.  Standard conditioners are not deep treatments.  They are formulated to lubricate not penetrate, although oils and other additives that have penetrating abilities can be added.  When looking for products to use as deep treatments, look for the words “deep,” “intensive” or “penetrating.” 
These products are formulated to travel deep into the hair shaft and attach themselves to weakened or compromised areas along the hair strand.  While nothing can regrow damaged areas, deep treatments can go a long way toward enhancing elasticity and stopping further protein loss.  While many such treatments’ instructions suggest that you leave them on for 3-5 minutes, most treatments are greatly enhanced by prolonged contact with the hair strand.  30 minutes to an hour or longer is advised.  When it comes to deep treating the hair, more is better.  More time and more contact are advisable.  Always make sure and section the hair so that each and every strand is getting saturated with the treatment. 
Leaving a treatment on overnight is a wonderful method to use, as is incorporating a heating cap or overhead dryer.  Heat in this instance is therapeutic, because it causes the hair shaft to relax and the cuticle to raise – ensuring maximum penetration of lubricants, moisture and nutrients to troubled areas.  Keep in mind that commercial treatments are not the only way to go.  Natural oils, honey, eggs and herbs such as henna and cassia make superb deep treatments.  Natural oils and additives should generally be used as a “pre-poo” or pre shampoo treatments, as they need to be thoroughly cleansed from strands. 
Some wonderful oils to use as pre-poos are olive, Jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil.  Their molecular structure is clinically proven to easily penetrate the hair shaft and attach itself to compromised areas –  helping to stop protein loss.  Commercial products can be used as pre-poos as well – just make sure that you are using a conditioner for moisturisation after shampooing them out.  Deep treatments should be used on a weekly basis to gain maximum benefits.  With consistency, you’ll begin to see the results you’ve been longing for! Visit our store to place your order!
Source: Tress Buzz

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